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Title: Project Update
Post by: JugNut on April 01, 2015, 02:51:31 AM
Anyone crunching Universe should delete any WU's with a  "9" in the workunit name.
Or they will eventually be deleted for you :(

As is mentioned on the Universe's home page. (

Example WU: universe_xray_9_20000_300001-350000_304187_1

EDIT: And a "10" in the WU as well..  Not impressed but life goes on.

Example WU: universe_xray_10_20000_300001-350000_304187_1

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: Daniel on November 13, 2015, 07:27:38 PM
Universe@Home has recently added a new application to investigate the spin evolution of black holes.

A detailed description of the problem can be found here ... (

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: Dataman on July 12, 2016, 11:49:25 PM
For Universe@Home crunchers. Recent publication in Nature magazine.

2016-07-12: Universe@Home, Nature article!

Results from the Universe@Home project were published in the most prominent
scientific journal, Nature! The article depicts a stellar evolutionary scenario
that leads to the formation of double black holes, which are probable
sources of gravitational waves similar to those observed recently.

It is a sequel to the article from year 2010, which predicted that the first
detection of gravitational waves will rather origin from a double black hole
merger than from a
double neutron star merger. The latter had been favoured by the majority of
scientists until recent discoveries.

The links to the article are provided below. Please notice especially the
acknowledgements in the Nature publication.

Nature article: (this article is identical to the Nature
publication, which does not have a free access:

The 2010 paper:

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: chooka03 on February 03, 2017, 04:51:35 AM
Dam you Xeon users!!  :compbash: (Calin & Michael)
How's a man with a poor old, 4 core CPU meant to stay ahead of these beasts  :cry

I need to win lotto.

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: chooka03 on March 25, 2017, 02:37:25 PM
Lookout!  Jugnuts felt his leading position was under threat and has turned the turbo boosters on LOL  :cheer1:

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: JugNut on March 25, 2017, 05:32:51 PM
Lookout!  Jugnuts felt his leading position was under threat and has turned the turbo boosters on LOL  :cheer1:

LOL  vroom,  vroom  :greet

Hi chooka,
Yea Universe doesn't grant as much credit as some of the others but it's still a quality project and that's what counts right? Although it is the best crediting project i've found for my raspberry Pi 3's. 

I originally bought the Pi's for POGS but to date I haven't found a POGS app that works with the Pi 3's, but Universe would have been a close second pick anyway so....  still happy.

I see you and d_worms and a few of the regulars have had a good crack at it lately as well.  :thumbsup: (

Teams in 25th place but should easily move up a couple of place's in the coming days. (

Crunch em if ya got em...  :crazy

EDIT: Up one place to 24th spot :)

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: kashi on March 25, 2017, 07:53:29 PM
Seems like a few members are having a nice run on Universe. Just checked and I haven't crunched any for a almost a year. Will give it another go after finishing some WCG badge hunting in a few days.

Think Linux may have been a bit faster than Windows but Universe applications have been updated since then. So will try some on both OSs and see for myself.

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: JugNut on March 25, 2017, 08:08:23 PM
Yea i've been having problems with running a linux VM it does horrible things to the miners.  Make them completely unusable even after trying to disable USB in the VM it still the same.  I suppose the next step would be to try & disable USB within linux?  Any thoughts kashi?

PS: Picked up a matched pair of E5-2670's cheap :) now for the hard part, which board & RAM. :(
It may be a longggggg build,  but i'm in no hurry.  Had any idea's since your build?

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: Dataman on March 25, 2017, 11:11:08 PM
Seems like a few members are having a nice run on Universe. Just checked and I haven't crunched any for a almost a year. Will give it another go after finishing some WCG badge hunting in a few days.

Think Linux may have been a bit faster than Windows but Universe applications have been updated since then. So will try some on both OSs and see for myself.
I have been running Universe on two RPi's for about a month with no problems. ~6.5K/day and ~4.5 hours/wu.

EDIT: Ooops that is Collatz. Universe is 20 hrs/wu and ~4K/day on two RPi's.  :dance:

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: kashi on March 28, 2017, 09:13:39 AM
Well I started some Universe@Home on dual box. Tasks run longer than I expected but complete and upload without problems.

However something rotten in Denmark with Universe@Home I fear. Have posted to the forum there so hopefully get a reply unlike the post last October about the same thing which went unanswered.

Have kept crunching it for now, if I don't get an answer I'll give it a miss. Would be a waste to continue using computer resources and electricity on a project where the research database continues to be compromised by people using a dodgy hacked application to cheat.

Edit: False alarm, quick response from admin explained it is caused by VM Linux hosts with too little shmem configured. I've seen task details that seem fishy like this before on other projects that actually were due to hacked applications. That's my excuse for my suspicion anyway. Nah, I'm just quick on the draw, "Whenever I see anonymous hosts I reach for my revolver."

Tally ho, onward and upward at Universe@Home. Will try it on Windows later today and see if it's any better than Linux. Linux is on a VirtualBox VM and sometimes VMs slow down on dual socket computers when more than 1 CPU's worth of cores are used in the VM. Really should dual boot on dual socket boxes rather than use VMs but prefer not to lose Samsung Magician Rapid Mode which reduces writes on my SSD.

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: JugNut on March 28, 2017, 01:54:01 PM
Now i'm suspicious kashi...
You could very well be right mate, I clicked through hundreds of my work units and 98% of the wingmen were an anonymous host running Linux 3.2.0-56-virtual with either a  i3,  i5  or i7 and using one core in a VM.  As you mentioned they are usually quite fast too.  What would be the chances?  It would mean around 90 - 95% of all work is being done by people(or perhaps just one user) using a single core VM.  Again, what would be the chances?

And to make matters seem even more suss I just now noticed there has been a new app released for BHspin v2 on both windows & Linux.  The first change since July 2016.

PS: Most times theses things turn out to be nothing so i'll continue crunching Universe until there's clear proof one way or another.
PSS: Also the new version of BHspin v2 was supposed to fix a bug to do with long running tasks.

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: kashi on March 28, 2017, 03:00:37 PM
Admin has posted that BHspin2 Version 0.02 has a bug so he's rolled back to Version 0.01. So I aborted any unstarted Version 0.02tasks  in my cache and just left a gaggle of the newly released UV tasks there. BTW UV application was also released today just to add to niggling synchronicity doubts, haha.

I'm running down the cache on the Linux VM and will switch to Windows. Received some reissued BHspin tasks that were the first I'd had without those anonymous wingmen with zero CPU time tasks and one of them was an E5-2670 same as mine also running Linux. His iteration of the work unit completed much quicker than mine so it's likely this VM is slow again because it has exceeded 16 cores. Either that or that wingman E5-2670 was running a smaller number of Universe tasks at once which can speed task processing up a lot.

Edit: Aha, the 0.02 version that was released to fix long running tasks caused that exact symptom for me. I left 17 Version 0.02 tasks running that had started and came back much later and they were at 6 hours, still not finished with percentage completed at between 96% and 97% and incrementing extremely slowly. So I aborted them, shut down Linux VM and started up BOINC on Windows. First task downloaded on Windows was 0.02 version, so I aborted it and reconfigured to ask for UV tasks only. You all know what's coming right? There were no UV tasks available. That's it, I'm out for now. Will do some Asteroids and check again next week.

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: kashi on March 28, 2017, 11:05:17 PM
Please excuse double post but I just found something potentially relating to these weird single core VM hosts that have been so prevalent on Universe@Home recently.

Hadn't noticed that these hosts were all single core until JugNut pointed it out.
I realised having multi core CPUs masquerading as multiple different single core hosts helps to hide high RAC and daily credit total if anything dodgy is happening.

However after today's schemozzle with BHspin2 Version 0.1 and Version 2.0, was looking around for another project to crunch. By chance happened upon a post in the DrugDiscovery@Home project with a download link to a virtual machine image required for an upcoming DrugDiscovery@Home application.

The admin at DrugDiscovery is also an admin at Universe. Everyone that has downloaded that VM image and uses it to run Universe@Home tasks will have the same BOINC version and Linux version. Maybe a long shot but it may explain some of the weirdness. Also those with little memory in their computers and/or no experience of correctly configuring VMs may cause those "Can't set up shared mem" error messages in Stderr output.

Just some possible explanations I thought I'd share. VM image is large so I haven't downloaded it to to see if it has the same BOINC version and Linux version as the mysterious Anonymous hosts. None of my current machines have much disk space as they both are running on 256 GB Samsung SSDs.

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: JugNut on March 29, 2017, 02:37:40 AM
Mmm that's an interesting thought kashi I guess time will tell on that one. 
But now a new problem,  at the moment all my BHspin2 v0.02 tasks are just spinning there wheels and little else.  So far I haven't even completed even one of them.  They seem like they are behaving normally but get to about 94 - 98% they restart again at 0%.  I went and looked at the top users and no one seem to have completed any.  The only way you know this is happening is if you see it happen before your eyes.  The only other big clue is in the message logs I found all my PC were littered with this messages,  like...

Task universe_bh2_160803_104_41_20000_1-999999_280000_0 exited with zero status but no 'finished' file   
If this happens repeatedly you may need to reset the project.

And yes I did reset one PC but it will take hours to see if happens again.

I reported this on the forum

LOL Only days ago I was saying that this was a solid quality project,  boy how quickly things can change.  :pcwhack:
After reading a lot of older posts they seem to have had problems on & off since christmas :(

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: kashi on March 29, 2017, 03:10:39 AM
Yes, I mentioned it in an edit to a previous post. Appears I should have made a separate new post about it. Then you may have seen it and been warned. My aversion to double posting has let you down. My apologies.

As mentioned in the actual post and not my later edit at the bottom, admin had already posted that Version 0.02 had a bug and he had to revert to Version 0.01.  But it seems he was unable to remove these faulty Version 0.02 tasks from the server and they continued to be given out as I also related in my edit. So thus my ditching the project completely and why I was looking for another project.

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: JugNut on March 29, 2017, 05:27:16 AM
It's all good kashi as it should be the project admins job to inform people of problems,  you know in the notices section in Boinc manager or the news thread but nothing!

I read the "extremely long running tasks" thread before I posted there but there was nothing about about constantly resetting tasks just really long running ones,  at least thats I could find, which is why I started another thread. 

start rant...
How long has Krystof known about the useless v0.02 tasks?  If he has known of this for many hours then why did he say nothing?  Heck why hasn't he canceled the whole lot of them?  Last I checked there still being sent out now.
In his reply to my post he finally tells me to abort everything,  it would have been nice if he had mentioned that hours earlier and stopped all users(and me) from wasting their hard earned time & money :compbash:
end rant....

Ah that feels better  :wink
OK that was a poor rant i'll try harder next time :)

But your right kashi I assumed your post was only about the long running task problem. 

So... WCG here I come..

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: kashi on March 29, 2017, 02:12:06 PM
I thought your rant was quite good actually, not poor at all.  :congrats  :congrats

Yes I got caught too, although he mentioned the bug in Version 0.2 tasks at 11 am yesterday, I didn't realise it affected all 0.02 tasks so only aborted any that hadn't been started. The 17 that had already started I left running alongside some UV tasks. So wasted those crunching resources until I caught them after about 6 hours and aborted them.

I knew all 0.02 tasks were buggy then, not just a few, because I checked my wingmen and not one had returned a valid task even the previously speedy single core Anonymous hosts.  Wasn't too upset as other cores had still been crunching UV tasks so all was not lost. Lot more work/electricity lost for you though, your rant was thoroughly justified!

When I switched from Linux to Windows and immediately received an 0.02 task, I knew something was badly awry and the buggy 0.02 tasks were still on the server getting handed out. Was disappointed that a more prominent warning to abort them was not given by admin in News or on forum.  Decided not to post about it myself in Universe forum then because my sneaking suspicion made a reappearance because of the timing. Thought it was possibly distraction tactics: "Look over there, buggy tasks!"

That's when I pulled the plug on Universe and went elsewhere. Hadn't mentioned this latest suspicion before because it's most uncharitable of me to ascribe to malice what is most likely just incompetence, which is unfortunately all too common on BOINC projects. I mean there's still 26,421 0.02 tasks on the server, don't know how many of the 73,447 tasks in progress are 0.02 versions but considering all those people running with a smaller cache it could possibly be a high percentage. That's a terrible lot of wasted resources and electricity.

WCG eh, you can add a nice Smash Childhood Cancer hammer badge to your excellent collection. :thumbsup:  


Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: Dataman on March 30, 2017, 01:22:15 AM
They must not send these bad wu's to we lowly RPi crunchers. I have had no problems at all other than one I aborted because it ran 25+ hours and was only 50% complete. Maybe you blokes should order up some Raspberry Pi (would you like ice cream and whipped cream on that?)

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: chooka03 on April 17, 2018, 04:44:38 AM
Ah good to see some of the big guns out crunching U@H  :wave:
I've been trying to get the team up the ranks for some time as U@H is a laggard for the team. That dam team Italy was juuuuuuussstttt keeping me at bay but now we'll slam them and overtake the other quickly.

The guys at U@H have about 2Million.....yes 2 Million WU's now! It's awesome to finally get some stable WU's.
I'm really looking forward to the team gaining some serious spots.. (I've added the team link below for quick reference)

Crunch on brothers!!

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: JugNut on April 17, 2018, 02:51:29 PM
Did anyone else have problems returning BHDB tasks yesterday? My uploads were going so slow that my PC's  started running out of work.  When your uploads get stuck or slow down enough and reach a certain number the server no longer allows you to download. So even though there were millions of WU's available plus my PC's were running dry too,  I still received bupkis. But not for long...

So instead of letting my PC's sit and do nothing I decided to try ye ol' back door approach and fired up the extra boinc instances that I use mainly for moneys NCI work and attach to universe using one of those on each affected PC,  which worked well and got them back to work quick smart.

Actually now that I think about it the above method could have backfired badly "if" there would have been a huge supply of Black hole WU's, as then the same thing would have just keep repeating over & over and even got worse.  But instead I received BHspin2 tasks which take longer to do and have a much smaller upload file which ended up giving the BHDB tasks time to finally upload.  Also as time went on & less & less BHDB task where being download and returned to the server, the server started speeding up.
So eventually I got them all to upload some time early this morning. Today however the server speeds are showing a vast improvment on yesterday.

Although they might be slow to upload those BHDB tasks sure do credit nicely ;)

Needless to say when much of yesterday's work eventually uploaded and then combined with today's lot it's starting to look like a very nice credit day.

Crunch-on.. :crazy

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: chooka03 on April 17, 2018, 04:38:52 PM
I had trouble uploading WU's for a while there Jugnut..... I used this method which worked.

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: JugNut on April 17, 2018, 05:04:19 PM
Yep you're right chooka that option saved my bacon once before,  i'm sure I posted about it recently? 
Anyhoo, as far as I know it's already activated on all my hosts.

Oh that's right.. (Second post from the bottom) (

At the time of the above post the difference between hosts that either had the option set in cc_config and those that did not was like night & day. Those that had it worked fine those that did not got nothing but errors.

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: kashi on April 18, 2018, 12:46:32 AM
Haha, yep those BHDBs certainly credited like crazy. Nice big credit dump when the server came back up recently and could finally upload all those completed tasks.

Had switched elsewhere when BHDBs ran out but saw chooka's call to arms and aborted Asteroids cache and switched back to Universe. Had to tick BHspin application in preferences, "accept work from other applications" was not sufficient to get any. BHspin tasks are still reasonably generous even if not up at BHDB level.

Will put dual box on half Universe, half Sourcefinder when they release a new Sofia batch. Would like to get it to 500K before it finishes even though it is a horror, with VMs, huge memory requirements and a terrible wonky validator resulting in far too many errors.

Ah, the old http proxy setting trick, remember having to set this occasionally many years ago on some projects with my TPG ADSL connection, even though TPG repeatedly denied ever using a transparent proxy.

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: chooka03 on April 18, 2018, 04:50:16 AM
We should really fly up the ranks now! Already up 5 places this month  :BigGrin

Go team!


Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: JugNut on April 18, 2018, 05:24:48 AM
Yea if we can keep up something close this pace we should be moving up soon enough  :thumbsup:

@ Kashi: Yea i'm still on ADSL2 with Telstra.  I've had an awful lot  of issuses over the past 6 months, just when I think they've got all the bugs finally sorted out a new one appears. It's never ending.

Even though i'm in the middle of sydney the NBN seems to be in all suburbs except ours. On the NBN rollout map our suburb looks like a NBN free island? For some reason it's not even slated to start for another 2 years. :faint:

By the time it finally gets installed 5G will out and if the pricing & speed is right I may not even need NBN.

PS: Hmm come to think of it perhaps TPG was leasing from telstra back then? LOL

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: tazzduke on April 18, 2018, 06:53:31 AM
Woohoo, its like a miny AA lol, just threw 2 of my pcs onto Universe, another project I have not done any for a long time lol

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: kashi on April 18, 2018, 03:12:18 PM
Haha, yay, mini aa, rah, rah, rah. :cheer1:

@JugNut Well with nbn™, sometimes delay can be better in the long run, even if it doesn't seem so at the time. Don't want to get your hopes up unnecessarily but although your address shows as planned for FTTN on nbn™ maps, Mr Mac's map ( shows you as FTTC (FTTdP). As you are probably aware, FTTC although not FTTP is still much better than being stuck on FTTN, which suffers greatly in many cases from poor speed and unreliability due to using long runs of old copper wiring.

Plus FTTN is not upgradeable and must be replaced, whereas an FTTC upgrade to either or FTTP is relatively easier. It's even possible the newer capable FTTC DPUs (in your pit) may be being installed by the time they finally get to your street. If so, in theory speeds would be available immediately. The NCD (modem/reverse power box in house) is already capable apparently.

The nbn™ maps are often out of date and were reportedly due for an update on 18th April, but it hasn't happened so far today, so currently nobody knows when they will update. Yes, just updated now, see edit below.

There was absolutely no valid technical or business case for using the end of life copper telephony network in Australia as the basis for a national data network in 2013. Although reported rarely, if ever, it is well known by anyone with any unbiased networking knowledge that FTTN was only employed in Australia due to corruption.

Edit: nbn™ map has just updated, as predicted by Mr Mac's map your address has changed from FTTN to FTTC. Still a few more years to wait unfortunately:

Planned | nbn™ Fibre to the curb (FTTC)
Planned availability: Jan-Jun 2020*
The rollout of the nbn™ is being planned in this area.

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: JugNut on April 18, 2018, 07:33:34 PM
That's some awesome detective work there kashi, thanks for the effort you put in it's very much appreciated.  :worship
And your right being left behind may actually prove to be a massive benefit in the long term.

Thanks you so much, you made my day :)  :dance2:  + karma

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: JugNut on April 23, 2018, 08:23:27 AM
For those interested Universe is back up and has plenty of work once again...

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: JugNut on May 22, 2018, 10:49:42 PM
For anyone getting an early start on universe you might want to re-enable BHDB WU's as Fresh(hopefully error free) work has just been released.

***EDIT*** First 2 WU's good next 1 bad,  (disk limit crap again)that's not looking promising. :(

EDIT 2:  2 out of 11 ended in comp error on one PC and one more on another. If the error rates stay low it might still be worth it?

LAST EDIT: I've had only one more error since, so maybe it's just the luck of the draw?

I found out before that you can fix these so they don't end in a comp error and they upload properly too. You have to shut down boinc and increase rsc_disk_bound_settings in the client state for each BHDB WU. But it's a pain & even if you do this you still might not get credit as if none of the other wingmen completes it then it won't validate and then you still won't get credit. Grrr

I got the idea from this post by xii5ku and it definitely works. But for all the time you waste doing it, it only has limited value. (

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: Dataman on May 23, 2018, 05:36:16 AM
I got 31 of them: 1 valid, 1 error, 29 Pending validation. I turned them off 'till I see what happens to the pending wu's (some wingmen have error'ed out).

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: chooka03 on May 23, 2018, 06:44:37 PM
Yeah although they give more credits, its too much time wasted when they flop. I'll stick to the proven WU's.

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: Dingo on May 23, 2018, 07:31:43 PM
I have also turned off the Blackhole BHDB work units till I see that it is fixed.  Hope it is for the AA's sake..

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: Dataman on May 23, 2018, 11:35:02 PM
I was surprised to find all 19 validated. Some were reissued several times. Not sure what to do.

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: JugNut on May 24, 2018, 01:24:08 AM
Yea the bad ones seem to come in waves,  some people reported getting tons of them others get next to none at all.
Since there are no new BHDB WU's left at the moment any that are  downloaded now would be re-sends,  meaning they'd have a much higher chance of being the bad ones that are being re-sent to be double checked.

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: Dataman on May 24, 2018, 02:21:12 AM
I will leave it unchecked. I think they realize things are still not well with the wu's.

Unfortunately, I do not expect to have a good showing in the AA there. Over 1/3 of my threads are used for GPU's. Einstein wastes a lot using a full thread/GPU wu and using 0.50 makes it even worse. I have been experimenting with running 0.33 on the GTX 1080's at Einstein. Works well alone but mixed results if also running Universe. All-in-all the farm is running smooth except one that is a bit warm. A fan froze on the CoolerMaster heat sink. I do not think I have any spares left of that size. Since the fan has been operating for 8 years I should not complain.  :rofl:


Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: chooka03 on May 25, 2018, 04:56:50 AM
Hi Dataman,

Yes it is painful having to give up cores with Einstein. I run my Vega at 0.33 and my CPU usage set to 94% to reserve enough cores on my threadripper. Tasks were taking about 14min with that setup but I think the WU's have recently changed because they now finish in about 11min and I've noticed more credits from when I last tested this setup.

My Hexacore is set to 81% and run at 0.5 WU's for the GTX 970. I haven't spent as much time fine tuning this one so there may be room for improvement with the core count. I might have time to adjust it in the near future  :wink

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: chooka03 on May 26, 2018, 12:56:09 PM
Meh looks like I have some BHD in my worklist. Some have been ok, some have failed. 8 failed, heaps have passed ok actually.
I might just let it play out.

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: JugNut on June 15, 2018, 04:51:31 AM
*Incoming BHDB work Units*

At this moment they are half the size of the last batch(1/2 - 1hr in length) and still giving the same credit.  So far no computation errors either. So it could end up being a good way to get some extra credit and push the team further ahead.  As long as the dreaded comp errors don't reappear of course.

So if you decide to crunch em,  keep an eye on them.

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: chooka03 on June 15, 2018, 01:25:06 PM
Thanks Dingo.
I think I've crunched enough Universe now with both the Pentathlon and the AA. I'm winding down my cache.

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: chooka03 on December 13, 2018, 05:24:41 PM
Oh wow...I guess you can take this a few ways but in short, Krzysztof is looking for money. (see latest BOINC ann)

I certainly don't have any to spare atm. Especially with the electricty bill I already incur :D

I'll be interested to see if Universe @ Home stats drop a little as it creates uncertainty. Well I feel so anyway.

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: Dataman on December 14, 2018, 12:53:28 AM
I saw that. Not going to happen. I moved my RPi's from Universe to SETI.


Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: JugNut on December 14, 2018, 01:14:59 PM
I hope we don't lose universe. Quality projects are in short supply these days.
Although it seems like he just needs cash.   I can relate to that. LOL

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: chooka03 on December 14, 2018, 03:46:23 PM
I can't complain about someone asking. We all have to eat.

Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: Dataman on March 06, 2019, 03:12:53 AM
Good news at Universe for a change. They received some funding and have published a paper.


Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: chooka03 on March 06, 2019, 11:06:17 AM
I saw that! Great news.
The team has been having a Universe@Home party lately! I have other priorities for the time being.


Title: Re: Project Update
Post by: Dataman on April 20, 2019, 12:16:23 AM
More from the project:

Sorry for late notification!

Another research on the famous GW170817 source, which used data obtained from the Universe@Home project, have been published last year. In this study, it was shown that the merger rates of double neutron stars (calculated from one direct observation) stay in contradiction with these inferred from the observations of double pulsars in our Galaxy. The reason behind this tension is the delay time distribution which favours short delays. The study highlights the problem that scientist encounter trying to connect evolutionary predictions and the observations of the first double neutron star merger.

The original paper can be found here: