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Title: Vote at FreeHal
Post by: Dingo on May 05, 2010, 03:20:34 PM
I received the following email today, and I have put it here in case there are those that want to voyte.



Since several days there has been a new discussion at SETI.Germany about the amount of credits to get at FreeHAL@home.
So now we startet a new public vote for the FreeHAL users to vote for their favorite credit amount.
Now you get 15 credits per work unit (~1.5 hours).

Please click here to see the voting:

At 4th May 2010, 20:58 MEST there has been a problem with forum voting thread and all users (about 20) who voted before need to vote again. Sorry!

Best Regards,
Tobias (Project Administrator)