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Today we can`t imagine our home and job without computers.
Today we can`t imagine our life without internet and its services like social networks, voice and video services, libraries of pictures etc. That`s all inheritance of eternal question which mankind ask himself everyday - "Why ?". Thirst for knowledge, evolution and progress brought us all this achievenments and many other useful things. Our team also must be at the front line of science life.
And for that we want use our brains for creative tasks and for tediously works great creature - distributed supercomputer which consists from our and your different devices like phones, computers, servers, x-boxes, playstations connected by BOINC platform through the internet.
This supercomputer can reduce time of solving task in thousands times because
together devices can generate huge calculating power. And today we try solve simple mathematical task, but it need much CPU time. With current algorithm it need about 12.000 years of one core at 4Ghz. While we search answers we learn some languages like English, C++, CUDA and OpenCL. Also pumping our brains (looking for NZT), optimize algorithms in our programs and prepearing for solving important tasks for humanity.

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