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I'm in, Linux 64 faster for me.

Started by kashi, August 07, 2011, 02:21:52 AM

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Gave this a little go. Runs well with no problems. No % progress shown but tasks are short so no worries.

On my computer Windows 7 64 takes about 29 minutes, Linux 64 on VirtualBox takes about 24 minutes.

Credit is so-so but heaps better than the similar AlmereGrid used to be. ;D


I'm also doing some. Nice project. I don't see this project listed at BOINCStats and not in my stats.


Yep I'm going good too. :thumbsup: I'll finish some Spinhenge in my cache and switch to this completely on CPU for a while.

Stats are being exported daily, Free-DC shows you and team. Willy at BOINCstats sometimes takes a little longer than Bok to include a new project. I think he waits for the project to ask him first and sometimes they do not know about that.


Yeah I am plugging away, they tick over very quickly if you are not watching, but its a bugger they be not showing up in BOINCSTATS.


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They are still working on getting their website organised to provide more information about the project and also to bridge the Erasmus Computing Grid with the other grids like Almere Grid, so they can better co-ordinate their efforts.

If the stats don't appear on BOINCstats within another week or so I will post on the Correlizer forum and request they specifically give Willy authorisation to include their project in his stats.

This authorisation may have been given already because sometimes BOINCstats takes longer than Free-DC Stats to list new projects. At other times, BOINCstats keeps stats of a new project in a non-public section and only transfers it to the main stats once Willy gets the all clear message from the project.


Greetings Kashi

Thankyou for the information


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Decided not to wait another week. Just posted a little reminder/request about BOINCstats on the Correlizer forum. We'll see what happens now.;D

Team is going well, currently in 12th. :thumbsup:


"I added the stats for Correlizer but did not make them public yet. Didn't add it to BAM! either. When the project admin gives his OK I'll release the stats/add it to BAM!." from [BOINCstats]Willy here.

So for anyone who was concerned, BOINCstats listing is already there waiting to go public.;D       BOINC@AUSTRALIA