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Started by veebee, August 10, 2011, 10:42:28 PM

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I had the first few work units error out on me - was riunning the already installed version (3.1.2 ) I had on here.

Have updated to 4.x and it seems to be fine nowbut can you tell me, doe sit just run in the background without "ticking over" in the boinc manager ?

Having trouble getting it to run (even with high resource setting) against other projects... and I WANT it to run..!


veebee the return date is well into the future.  To start one of mine just to see if it would work I Suspended all the other CPU projects on the PC and it started.  When it ran for a while I just Un Suspended the other projects and waited for BOINC to schedule it into the scheme of things. The Virtual Box just sits in the tray and when the work unit pauses the Virtual Box Pauases.  When the work iunit is finished it stops the Virtual Box.

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figured that might be the case Dingo, but now there are no new work units anyways... I think some people have worked out how to snavel more than the "one" work unit...

probably by creating virtual machines with VM's inside THEM !??!??!