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Longest Validating

Started by turbo0, April 21, 2012, 12:39:05 PM

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Just wondering what's the longest time anyone has had results 'Pending Validation' for. I guess in the end it does matter we get the points eventually, some just seem to take 2 or 3 weeks
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If I don't count CPDN (30-day wu's) it would have to be Einstein. You can run your side on a GPU in 15 minutes and your wingman has it on a CPU for days then fails then someone else gets it and so on. I've had them out there for two months. Welcome to the forum.  :welcome1:


Einstein for me as well 24 days not so long ago.   Also had 27 pages of pending on WCG waiting for validation a week or so ago.

EDIT was finding my specs and putting fingers on right keys.


I've had a couple of ones in the past take a few months. That was mainly on projects with long deadlines that timed out on different wingmen computers for a few cycles and errored on some others. Einstein@home comes to mind.  Sometimes it was on projects with misconfigured servers or intermittent work availability where the first wingman errored and the replacement replication waited for a month in unsent status until the server got around to sending it out. Generally if there is one wingman error near the end of a deadline period plus one wingman timeout you could say that the majority of pendings usually clear within a period of 3 times the deadline. For projects with a 14 day deadline this would be about 6 weeks.

Which project is it, how long is the deadline?