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A short absence?

Started by SonarMB, May 24, 2012, 08:40:41 PM

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After a short absence primarly to health reasons Bashhead.....Im back. :shock :penguin:


Welcome back to the team SonarMB.  :welcome1:
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Welcome back SonarMB.  :wavey2:


G-Day SonarMB, nice to meet u.  :wavey2:

See u round the boards

Cheers ..JN..


Welcome back SonarMB   :thumbsup:


 :welcome1: back SonarMB hope that your health is better.

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Thanks all...looking forward to grinding some stats!!! :dance:



Greetings SonarMB, nice to make your acquaintance

Regards and Happy Crunchin'


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Welcome back and glad you are doing better.  :wave:

:aus1: :US