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The Flags are still there

Started by Abruraspingi, September 27, 2022, 08:21:33 PM

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I originally found out about TheSkynet driving along Technology Park in WA. It was these flags advertising the project that peaked my interest. Unfortunately since they are still there it's nostalgia for me but confusion for new people unsure what it is. You cannot view this attachment. 

[attachment deleted by admin]


Wow, I would never have expected to see flags advertising a BOINC project. Funny that they are still up.


They still have most of the flags up. For some reason they haven't found a reason to replace them

[attachment deleted by admin]


Wow! What a surprise!
Maybe nobody told council the project was dead?


I would have expected that other flags could have been put up either from Curtin Uni, Technology Park or CSIRO but no advertisement has been placed. I still enjoyed the nostalgia and love that I contributed to it.