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New Windows Application now available!

Started by Shamaka, December 10, 2012, 01:26:29 PM

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Hi Everyone,

The Asteroids project announced on 7 December that a new windows application was available.  I have simply added the project using the BOINC Manager and have had about 50-60 tasks so far (2 days roughly) and all have run smoothly (ie no crashes). Each task takes about 2 hours to run. 

Cheers, Peter Eichinger!


Thanks Peter, much appreciated.  I'll get onto that as soon as the AA is over.   :thumbsup:

Mike Mitchell

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Hi Peter, thanks for the heads up...just the kind of work I like...

+ 1 Aussie Karma for your post mate !


the best thing about this new Windows App, is that it takes about half the time to do the WU's than it did on my Ubuntu VM...   :dance2:

they run at about 15,000 to 16,000 seconds per WU under Windows, but were averaging around 31,000 seconds in Ubunut for me... with a handful of BIG ones..and all for the same 120 credits per WU.

Using the windows app, I earn about 26 credits per hour per core here... not as good as POGS...