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Installing latest Boinc over .deb

Started by clownius, March 10, 2009, 09:26:36 PM

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I want to upgrade to a newer version of Boinc so i can cuda away but want it in the same spot as my normal Ubuntu one so i dont have to manually start etc.  Cant for the life of me remember how and im sure it was somewhere on the old forum can anyone help?

Cruncher Pete

1.   Download the latest 64-bit BOINC to the Desktop.

2.  start a terminal.

3.   cd Desktop

4.   sh

5.   cd BOINC

6.   sudo chown root *

7.   sudo /etc/init.d/boinc-client stop

8.   sudo cp boinc /usr/bin/boinc_client

9.   sudo cp boinccmd /usr/bin

10.  sudo cp boincmgr /usr/bin

11.  sudo /etc/init.d/boinc-client start

Note.  when using the cp command (meaning copy and paste) make sure that the wording is exactly the same as in the created BOINC directory.  in the latest versions sometimes a hyphen is inserted in the word boinccmd for example.  I



Can above method be used to update current installed version? Or are there different steps/commands that need to be used?


Lets see if my luck is still bad im going to try the latest dev version of boinc to see if i can get cuda working.  In the week ill have a spare GTX 280 if i can all ill have to boinc under windows *shudder* only.

Edit: :dance2: :dance2: :dance2: :dance2: :dance2: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :mwalk: :mwalk:
Thanks Cruncher Pete worked fine.  Upgraded to boinc 6.6.12 now and my GTX 280 is found.  A big +1 for that help.
Note close boinc manager before u run second last command it save u getting odd error messages lol

Edit2: Oh and my GTX 280 hates you as it gets no rest now lol.  It was enjoying its holidays in Linux land and now its gonna be in Linux basically non-stop to crunch.

@Furlozza - Thats what i did with those instructions upgraded from 6.4.5 i got from get deb


Thanks Clownius and CP. Shall pop over the iGnatious and download the latest so that the 9500GT can do some...... whatever it likes *grin*

+1 to both.


More crunch. More crunch what can i say but  :rocks


Followed all instructions, and boinc opened, but wouldn't connect. Would the fact that I am coming from 6.2.12 have any bearing on this?


tjhis is a very 'doze approach but try a reboot sometimes the manager gets a bit funny.


Funny you should say that, cause in a fit of pique, rather than throwing iGnatious into the channel, just turned it off and went outside. re-booted and..... :dance2: :dance2: :dance2:

Now to get hhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm SETI or GPUGrid..... decisions decisions.

EDIT: Then again.... would help if the file had also been placed in the right folder... (mutter mutter mutter)


I did everything from update to 6.4.5 from getdeb to installing the 180 nvidia driver and moving and still could get boinc to find my GTX 280.  Upgrading to 6.6.12 did work though and saved me pulling out any more hair lol.

Edit: I recommend GPUgrid as seti kept downloading way too much work and didnt play nice with games in 'doze but whatever science/credit you prefer :)



/var/lib/boinc-client from memory for some reason it was in usr/lib/boinc-client i think....... my memory is lame lol.  After further looking it seems Seti only has Cuda for 'doze 32bit unless u know of some optimised one.

A safe option is symbolic link it
An easy option is "kdesudo konqueror" in kubuntu and opening both those folders in tabs. Copy and paste. If its in both folder your fine

Oh and i was right i found the info again on getdeb


 :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

Now I won't feel guilty when I stop TheGnat's GPUGrid work to play a game since iGnatious now has one WU running and three in reserve. Of course, the pic is a bit choppy, but what can one expect from a 9500 card  :blush1:

Time to look for a dual core vid card...... ??!!

Thanks again, Clownius

One thing that is noticeable though is that these jobs seem to be smaller than theGnat is getting.... I guess time will tell.


Quotesudo /etc/init.d/boinc-client stop
sudo /etc/init.d/boinc-client

I have a funny feeling that the ".d" has to do with BOINC running as a Daemon.

1) Is this a correct presumption
2) If so, can BOINC be stopped without the use of the ".d"

Reason: Like to open and close via Boinc Manager , and not have it run as a daemon (if the above is the case)

Cruncher Pete

I confess that I am only a novice in Linux.  Having said that, I believe that the command with the . has to do with coding and has nothing to do with BOINC but has a lot to do with running as a Demon.  Therefore the answer to your question 1. is No.

The purpose of Boinc Manager is to manage the "running" client the way you prefer.  Weather you open Boinc Manager or not, the Boinc-client is still running in the background.  The purpose of the manager is not to start or close Boinc  but to manage how it is run according to your wishes.  Boinc-client and Boinc Manager are two seperate applications.