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Project Update

Started by JugNut, April 07, 2013, 11:53:27 PM

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Well done everyone for the FightMalaria@Home challenge.    :congrats   :congrats

During the challenge the team zoomed up 5 places in BOINC and is now in 7th place. We were 14th this time last month.:thumbsup:

I averaged about 11,500 per day for the challenge so the optimised app certainly worked a treat.v:

BOINC Pentathlon is starting in a few days.
I'll be running SIMAP for the full 2 weeks as it's the first time it is included. Good excuse for me to give SIMAP a go as I often ignore it because of its inconsistent work availability/duration. If theSkyNet POGS is selected of course I will swap to that for the duration of Taekwondo.;D


Yep well done indeed,  we put in a awesome effort especially when there was only a hand full of us involved.  :thumbsup:
Special thanks to Ian who put in an great effort & helped bolster our score towards the end.   :thumbsup:


PS  If there's enough interest in the Pentathlon maybe we could chat about a good strategy that may be beneficial to the team?

EDIT: The next discipline after SIMAP is WCG The Clean Energy Project - Phase 2 followed by Einstein.


Oops I didn't even know there was the FightMalaria@Home challenge on.  :bloodshot

Quote from: kashi on May 02, 2013, 05:43:38 PM
Good excuse for me to give SIMAP a go as I often ignore it because of its inconsistent work availability/duration.

There's been non stop work with SIMAP for quite some time now.

Project status: running
Hosts active:   9,663
Work distributed:   32 %
Remaining:   69 days
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That's different to the monthly scramble I'm used to, they've been doing some meta units I see.

I've just attached and downloaded some work. FM@H is out of work today and internet is acting ornery again so no more Volpex for me either; that means SIMAP is the go. Haha, I'll work up a little pending for the Pentathlon. ;D


After an a long hiatus FightMalaria@Home has reopened it's doors but is now called FiND@Home (stands.. for FightNeglectedDiseases@Home).

This time the Neglected disease is Tuberculosis I believe.  Definatly a neglected disease.

To get work I had to detach from FightMalaria@Home and re-attach to (FiND@Home) using same log in ID & password info as before.

More info here...

One problem is the app is now MT (multithreaded) & therefore by design uses 100% of all CPU cores. *Not good for GPU crunchers as I found out the hard way*
The good new is the tasks are very small & the more cores you have the faster it goes.

For a while now there's been a limiting feature that can be applied through an app_config that can limit the amount of cores used in MT apps but for the life of me I can't remember where I put that info with the exact syntax.  I'll post later once(if) I find it. (*LOL*it seems my brain is in desperate need of a RAM upgrade)

Happy crunching.

EDIT: At the moment they have stopped work to fix a few bugs. It seems the multithreading needs a tune up.


Anyone interested in FiND@home now is a good time to get into them. They just released 8,000,000 WU's and they are crediting exceptionally well at this point in time. They are no longer Multithreaded & usually run between 1 - 5 mins.

Kashi & me are getting stuck into them boots & all so if your interested come & get some.


PS: They released this batch a day or two ago & had to recall them due to a bug at which time I lost many hours worth of crunched tasked.  But such is life & there more than making up for it now.


Project has no tasks available.

Radioactive@home graph
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My cache is full and Event Log shows no interruption to flow of work since 2.35PM which is the earliest entry, perhaps there was some trouble before that.

Are you attached to the newer url and not one of the older urls?

After a rocky start where I lost many hundreds of tasks, I've been crunching up a storm since then. Not quite roaring up the charts but up to 76th so far which ain't bad. :jester: 


Good point kashi & forgot to mention that if you had previously crunched FightMalaria@Home in the past that you would probably need to detach from there & then re-attach to FiND@home.  If you use boinc manager the correct project to choose is there under FightNeglectedDiseases@home.

Like kashi i've had constant work since I posted above.  But I have noticed in the message logs that occasionally(maybe every third of forth time) that it shows the project has no work.  I think that's just because the projects servers are getting hit hard by constant traffic from all the small work units coming & going.  If I look in the projects tab FiND@home is almost permanently in the "in progress" state because of the constant network activity going on.  But still all my PC's have 100's of WU's in cache & have never looked like running out. 

EDIT: As per kashi's keen eye massage is now message.  Mmm I wonder where my head was at the time? OK don't answer that..


Aha JugNut, a relaxing Saturday evening I see, with a massage from the Swedish Prime Minister. :crazy  Sorry, couldn't resist.

On a more serious note, yes that's right, FiND@Home is almost constantly showing "Scheduler request in progress" Status due to server trying to deal with deluge of so many short running tasks being reported by all the contributors. I don't mind because short tasks means big bikkies credit wise.

Good to see a few team members joining in, I think the current tasks are a mixture of both malaria and TB work, so if anyone prefers medical/disease prevention type of projects, FiND@Home is a nice choice. As a bonus, with a decent credit rate and not that many contributors it is easy to enjoy roaring up the charts, haha.


Has anyone else found that the FiND@home tasks continue to run when they have been suspended in the Boinc manager? Also I'm not sure if they respond to the 'Use at most ...% of CPU time' command either?  ???


Yes they continue to run and cannot be suspended. Because of this I have found it better for my setup to run only FiND tasks on all BOINC cores and not any other projects at the same time. I vaguely remember reading on the forum that they also do not obey the use  'Use at most ...% of CPU time'. I never use that but control temperature and/or reduce lag by using only 7 or sometimes 6 CPU cores for BOINC.

So currently I have switched to WCG Outsmart Ebola Together project for a day or 2 now that it finally has tasks. Then I will swap back to FiND@Home before the remaining 4 million tasks are gobbled up by hungry contributors.


Cool thanks Kashi, so it's not just my setup then. Also, thanks for the heads up on WCG.  :thumbsup:


On my rigs it is using every bit of CPU power it can.   Progress percentage is a bit inaccurate as well.   Races to 99% in under 60 secs and then  takes up to 3 minutes to complete the work unit.