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Author Topic: Project Update  (Read 27436 times)
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« Reply #15 on: March 29, 2017, 05:27:16 AM »

It's all good kashi as it should be the project admins job to inform people of problems,  you know in the notices section in Boinc manager or the news thread but nothing!

I read the "extremely long running tasks" thread before I posted there but there was nothing about about constantly resetting tasks just really long running ones,  at least thats I could find, which is why I started another thread. 

start rant...
How long has Krystof known about the useless v0.02 tasks?  If he has known of this for many hours then why did he say nothing?  Heck why hasn't he canceled the whole lot of them?  Last I checked there still being sent out now.
In his reply to my post he finally tells me to abort everything,  it would have been nice if he had mentioned that hours earlier and stopped all users(and me) from wasting their hard earned time & money BashComp
end rant....

Ah that feels better  Wink
OK that was a poor rant i'll try harder next time :)

But your right kashi I assumed your post was only about the long running task problem. 

So... WCG here I come..
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« Reply #16 on: March 29, 2017, 02:12:06 PM »

I thought your rant was quite good actually, not poor at all.  Congratulations  Congratulations

Yes I got caught too, although he mentioned the bug in Version 0.2 tasks at 11 am yesterday, I didn't realise it affected all 0.02 tasks so only aborted any that hadn't been started. The 17 that had already started I left running alongside some UV tasks. So wasted those crunching resources until I caught them after about 6 hours and aborted them.

I knew all 0.02 tasks were buggy then, not just a few, because I checked my wingmen and not one had returned a valid task even the previously speedy single core Anonymous hosts.  Wasn't too upset as other cores had still been crunching UV tasks so all was not lost. Lot more work/electricity lost for you though, your rant was thoroughly justified!

When I switched from Linux to Windows and immediately received an 0.02 task, I knew something was badly awry and the buggy 0.02 tasks were still on the server getting handed out. Was disappointed that a more prominent warning to abort them was not given by admin in News or on forum.  Decided not to post about it myself in Universe forum then because my sneaking suspicion made a reappearance because of the timing. Thought it was possibly distraction tactics: "Look over there, buggy tasks!"

That's when I pulled the plug on Universe and went elsewhere. Hadn't mentioned this latest suspicion before because it's most uncharitable of me to ascribe to malice what is most likely just incompetence, which is unfortunately all too common on BOINC projects. I mean there's still 26,421 0.02 tasks on the server, don't know how many of the 73,447 tasks in progress are 0.02 versions but considering all those people running with a smaller cache it could possibly be a high percentage. That's a terrible lot of wasted resources and electricity.

WCG eh, you can add a nice Smash Childhood Cancer hammer badge to your excellent collection. Thumbs Up  

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Madness Takes Its Toll - Have Exact Change Ready

« Reply #17 on: March 30, 2017, 01:22:15 AM »

They must not send these bad wu's to we lowly RPi crunchers. I have had no problems at all other than one I aborted because it ran 25+ hours and was only 50% complete. Maybe you blokes should order up some Raspberry Pi (would you like ice cream and whipped cream on that?)
 Big Grin
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