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Project News - MilkyWay at Home - Validation Pending

Started by Abruraspingi, October 17, 2022, 10:45:04 PM

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Milkyway at Home has too many pending tasks and it's not going down fast enough. On the thread below people have been keeping track of how much it is rising since Wednesday the 5th of October. The thread has a daily update. Currently I have 406 WU's pending validation.

I am going to try and reach 1k WUs pending before they fix this issue. I'm crunching GPU WU's on an AMD RX 580 with about 1 WU completed every two minutes.
That means 30 an hour. That gives me about twenty hours of crunching to reach 1k. It won't be hard but hopefully the MW@H team get's the issue sorted by then

P.s. Just in case you didn't catch on this is a warning that it may be worth switching to a different project until they get this issue sorted. I'm sure that the server will run out of space or maybe other issues will happen if this keeps going   :pcwhack:


They've finally taken MW@H offline for server maintenance
It was fun while it lasted but I only got to 474 WU pending, not even half way to my goal.
At least WCG is back online


Good news as it looks like I've failed in my goal. MW@H has been validating tasks at a decent pace now.

Looks like they are going to migrate the server as well