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Power cost

Started by turbo0, September 13, 2023, 08:36:14 PM

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Due to rising retail power cost my electricity per KWH went up 38% in July, I fear most people had similar rises. I am going to cross over to Amber energy and just pay fluctuation wholesale energy cost that should be lower. I am hoping to just schedule my crunching to when electricity cost are at there lowest price. I was wondering if anyone else has done something similar or if there is away to get live energy cost and develop some script or alert to crunch at specific times. 
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Sadly I've just reduced my crunching. Power bill is killing me.  :thumbdown:


I too have decided to crunch during the day only. I will kill off all my PCs overnight.

Current bill is $485, which is a bit for two people (Mum and myself). Also had air conditioning running for a fair bit during the day. Will cut back on that over the coming (hopefully cooler) months!
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My electricity is going up again about $0.05 a kw/h and minus $0.01 for solar.  Daily service charge has gone up 11 cents a day.

Current Rates                                                                                  New Rates
Up to 31 July 2024                                                                      From 1 August 2024

Tariff                    Ex GST          Inc GST                                        Ex GST          Inc GST               
Service to Property 91.000 c/day 100.100 c/day                          102.000 c/day 112.200 c/day
Peak                      26.200 c/kWh 28.820 c/kWh                            30.480 c/kWh 33.528 c/kWh
Shoulder                17.800 c/kWh 19.580 c/kWh                            21.500 c/kWh 23.650 c/kWh
Off Peak 14.500 c/kWh 15.950 c/kWh                                          17.800 c/kWh 19.580 c/kWh
Export 1 -6.000 c/kWh                                                                    -5.000 c/kWh
Peak: 7am to 9am and 5pm to 8pm weekdays and weekends, Shoulder: 9am to 5pm and 8pm to 10pm weekdays and
weekends, Off peak: All other times

PS:  I don't think I have mentioned this but in October I am going to Canada for six months.  The electricity price in New Brunswick Canada is a flat $0.11 a kw/h.

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Bloody electricity!! Makes me so angry that it's become a money making machine for companies instead of a basic, human necessity for people at an affordable price.  :compbash:

My gas has just gone up but we only have 2 choices in QLD so I'm going to ditch AGL & switch to Origin (until they follow suit and jack their prices up.

I hope you enjoy your time in Canada Dingo.  :can 


Enjoy Canada Dingo!!!

I'm with Red Energy. Every fortnight I pay about $50 into my electricity account. It adds up and there's less shock at bill time!!!
PC1: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X @3.4GHz, 128GB DDR4, 2 x RTX3070, Linux Mint 21.3 64-bit
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Just popped in to say, have a nice safe trip to Canada, oh looky here, you will be there for a White Xmas lol.


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