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Only getting Wildlife WUs

Started by shift, March 27, 2018, 02:31:27 PM

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I've been with CSG for a year now, and the only credits/WU I've ever received have been from WildLife@Home (4,633,110 credit for 1326 tasks). The other two projects I've got nothing. If that the only active project at the moment or is there something else going on? Any ideas?


Yes the only active project is Wildlife@Home.

Coincidence you should mention CSG today as I just switched back to it as I've had a bad run in the last few days with too many other projects.

GPUGRID is currently having worse than usual work availability.

DENIS@Home trashed masses of work by cancelling all work units. It's not just the 20K credit lost with all my Pending becoming Invalid but the amount of crunching wasted as even all the validated tasks have been cancelled.

Have been doing a bit for Sourcefinder duchamp before it finishes soon but resent tasks have a very high Invalid rate, plus out of work at the moment.

LHC had server maintenance and refused to upload. After that I was trying to use an app_info.xml file on Skylake box to ensure receiving avx instead of SSE2 tasks but since the maintenance the Sixtrack executables won't download. After all that kerfuffle noticed a post by JugNut mentioning recent increase in Validation inconclusive Sixtrack tasks. I checked and yep, me too. Possible trouble ahead and I've had enough, so I cut on outta there.

So it's CSG, here I is. Still crediting generously I notice, erasing my DENIS loss oh so swiftly, crunching without error and no server muck ups so far (fingers crossed).  Ah, what a pleasant change. Think I'll stay here for a while and then probably some more POGS before that too winds up.


Dang, I was hoping to get some new badges instead of this single bird one I have. Thanks for the clarification. It sucks that you lost all that credit!


Ah right, no other subproject badges available, didn't think of that.

It wasn't so much the credit lost as such, as I've already recovered more credit than that on CSG. It was the loss of impetus as I was just getting into stride roaring up the DENIS charts by using macOS on a virtual machine. DENIS tasks on macOS are 4 or more times faster on my Skylake than on Linux or Windows! My cunning plan has come unstuck, haha.

Plus I really don't appreciate wasting such a lot of processing time. Yes, yes, beta project/tasks so you expect it to happen sometimes but all those completed and validated tasks being trashed too was one step beyond.

Suppose I was expecting some improvement in their testing/reliability/admin skills after the server melt down last year but unfortunately it seems like they will continue to struggle for some time yet. Hopefully they'll improve over time but for now I'll be leaving DENIS for those who like to support the riskier beta projects.

Sourcefinder duchamp is enough challenge for me with its ridiculously high memory taxing Virtual Machine tasks. Skylake box with 16GB memory can only run 3 SoFiA beta tasks at once.