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Project Update

Started by jmblazek, April 05, 2009, 03:54:06 PM

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Quote from: chooka03 on July 22, 2018, 03:09:13 PM
Thanks Daniel.
I can give you a little insight here with what I've recently crunched -

AP27 - 4043 credits but WU times varied from 6000 sec - 69000 seconds for those credits.
GCW Sieve - 546 credits for between 3500 sec - 6500sec WU's.
GFN 15 - 36 credits for around 70 sec WU.
GFN 16 - 99.7 credits for 200 sec to 7800 sec WU's.
GFN 17 Low - 425 credits for 600 sec to 35000 sec WU's.
GFN Mega - 463 credits for 700sec to 37000 sec WU's.
GFN 18 - 1640 credits for 1850 sec WU's.
GFN 19 - 7400 credits for 7600 sec WU's.
PPS Mega - 315 credit for 5100 - 10000 sec WU's.
PPS LLR - 158 credits for 2500 - 6500 sec WU's.
PPS Sieve - 3371 credits for 1000 - 40000 sec WU's.  (I noticed here to 40000 sec tasks are being done by the built in INTEL Intel(R) HD Graphics 2500 on my hexacore. I might have to turn that rubbish off!)
PPSE - 57.4 credits for 1000 - 1800 sec WU's.
SGS - 39.9 credits for 875 - 1800 sec WU's. (The shorter WU's here are being done by the HD graphics :? )
SR5 - 1740 credits for 27500 sec WU's.
TRP - 4652 credits for 52000 sec WU. (These have ONLY been done via the HD 2500)

So this info could be useless as it seems some work is being done by my RX 480 and other work done by the HD Graphics 2500?? I just noticed when I chose the different computer number, some show the RX 480 and others show the HD.

I usually try and work out how much crdit per hour I get so I have something to compare.  For example from above:

PPS Mega - 315 credit for 5100 - 10000 sec WU's.       average time  7550  / 3600 = 2.097222222222222    315 /  2.097222222222222 =  150.2 credits per hour

GFN 19 - 7400 credits for 7600 sec WU's.         7400/3600 = 2.055555555555556    7600 / 2.055555555555556 = 3697.3 credits per hour

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Thanks Dingo,

Well based on that method, PPS Sieve produces the most credits with my Vega. Roughly 17092/hr followed by AP26/27 WU's @ 4158/hr.

For CPU tasks of the WU's I've crunched so far, the GCW Sieve is producing the most @ 491/hr using my Threadripper. The other sub projects were -

*SGS 41 (66.2/hr)
*PPSE 30 (88/hr)
*PPS 20 (82.8/hr)

I didn't bother with the rest as I think they were even lower.

It would be nice to find a prime but I think you need to be pretty lucky to find one (like Dingo recently  :wink)

I've decided right now it's my rank that's bothering me so I might concentrate on getting that lower for a little bit.
I was still trying for my next NFS 14e badge but they are out of WU's.

Oh the joys of juggling BOINC projects  :jester:


Hmmm so I did find some AP prime numbers.

Congratulations! Our records indicate that a computer registered by you has found a unique Arithmetic Progression of primes of length 21.

Congratulations! Our records indicate that a computer registered by you has found a unique Arithmetic Progression of primes of length 20.

I'm guessing these are quite common?

Primegrid PPS Sieve WU's are really unusual on my GPU. GPU-Z shows a constant 0, 100%, 0, 100% up/down load continuously. It's not constant for some reason. I can tell just by walking into my study that the temp is lower.

You around Magpie? You are pulling some great credits. What are you running?
Oh and you have your old team name  showing......Calm Chaos.


Hi Chooka,

You might want to try running multiple PPS Sieve workunits simultaneously on you GPU.
I run 2 per GPU and the GPU Load is pretty steady (around 98%). It only goes up and down by about 1%.

I just tried modifying my app_config.xml file to only run 1 workunit per GPU and I see that when I do this my GPU Load also goes up and down a lot (about 15% to 98%).


Hi Daniel,

Do you mean create a app config file to put in the Primegrid folder?

Do you have an example I could copy?

Thanks for the replY!


I have a file called app_config.xml which I've put in the following location ...

I edit the file using notepad. It contains the following ...


This lets me run 4 tasks simultaneously (I have 2 GPUs with 2 tasks running on each GPU).

After I have edited the file, I click on "Options" then "Read config files" in BOINC Manager for the changes to take effect.

Hope this helps.


Ah thank you very much.
I was going to have a crack at it but probably wouldn't have gotten it right now that I see what needed to be typed.


Edit - So I've created that file. It's taken some of the ups & downs out which could suggest there's room for more WU's but I'll take it slow and steady. Watching the WU times to see what happens.

My RX 480 I think I'll leave with 1 WU.


I came home to the most bizzare thing today.....

So only 4 Primegrid WU's were crunching and no other cores engaged. CPU was running at 10%.
So I tried to download some other CPU work to test the CPU. Nothing would download. No WU's! So I suspended Primegrind and BAM..... I see a whole stack of computation erors for Primegrid GPU work and old Milkyway work....... also WU's from another project THEN started downloading and all CPU cores were engaged again.

I think something seriously messed up my PC. Unsure if it was related to the CPU or GPU.

Very odd that my CPU had basically switched off. Thankfully it looks to have recovered by I'm not crunching Primegrid for the moment.

The only thing I changed recently was crunching more than 1 WU on the ATI card. Perhaps that overwhelmed things.  :thumbdown:

Edit - Oh dear...... Trying not to get too worked up here but I think it's my GPU's.  All GPU work is failing. Doesn't matter which project.
This is either a mobo issue or I've killed both cards! :( Oh dear......

Edit 2 - So I ran 3DMark which throws everything at your video card and it ran fine. Card loaded up and didn't crash.

I'm at a loss to explain why everything worked fine this morning but now no GPU work will run! I've been at work all day. Hmmmm.

Edit 3 - Well this is most bizzare...... Milkyway, SETI, and Primegrid GPU wu's all fail! Computational Errors. Einstein GPU WU's are the only one's that still work. What on Earth could be the cause of that!!

Do the others use some part of CUDA or something which has died on my Vega? I've stress tested the GPU, played a game on max settings and now crunching E@H because it's the only one that works!

Help please   :bloodshot


Hey chooka03

Are you running Windows 10.

Check to see if there has been an update completed, it maybe that MS has updated your driver for the GPU????

PS.  I have plenty to say about MS, but none of it can be published in an open forum lol.


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OOh ok Tazzduke. I did do an update on Windows 10 yesterday.

Thanks. :thumbsup:


Tazzduke.....If you were here I'd kiss you mate!!!! :love

It was Windows 10 and the driver! All FIXED :mwalk:
Oh what a relief! I'll sleep well now

Thank you so much!



Hi Chooka03

Its all good mate, glad it was that and nothing serious.  :rofl:

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Well that's a relief.

I'm very glad that my suggestion to run multiple workunits didn't fry Chooka's GPUs.

Thanks Tazzduke.

:thanks1: + karma



Suck it Gridcoin!  :yahoo:

"There's been a big discussion behind the scenes about turning BOINC credit into actual money. From a PrimeGrid admin standpoint, this is not a good thing. Even with worthless BOINC credit we've seen cheating in the past. When people are able to make money on PrimeGrid, that invites unscrupulous users to join in order to cheat. That in turn would ruin the science. Anyone devising a way to fake residues on prime-finding projects could be adding years to our search if they cause a missed prime. We don't want to discover five years from now that we can't trust our results.

The science (sieving, finding primes) is why we're here. Nothing can be allowed to interfere with that, otherwise we might as well shut down PrimeGrid right now. For this reason, we've decided not to participate in any system that monetizes our credit. While this policy will apply to any and all such organizations, we know of only one at the moment, and that's Gridcoin.

We'll be asking Gridcoin to de-whitelist PrimeGrid and we won't be sharing our daily statistics with them. Gridcoin users are welcome to crunch here, but won't earn any coin for doing so. If that means those users will be moving to other sites, we'll be sorry to see them go, but feel this is a step we must take.

This decision was not taken lightly and we're not happy about the necessity. Although Gridcoin is currently the only currency affected by this policy, this is not a reaction to anything that Gridcoin has done, or has not done. This policy is about the monetization of BOINC credit, not Gridcoin or cryptocurrencies in general.

While we welcome your comments on this, please understand that this is something we feel must be done and the decision is not going to be reversed."