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ATI vs nVidia..

Started by veebee, April 07, 2009, 06:28:54 AM

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Is one card more "efficient" than the other here at F@H ?

My sons computer has an ATI 4370 (I think - will check the number) and is literally (compared to mine) flying along..   :thumbsup:

I have F@H running on two comps with nVidia cards, 1 x 9500 and 1 x 7600.

The 9500 just finished its first WU , taking nearly 3 days ! and the 7600 which started at roughly the same time is around 50% done ....  :thumbdown:

maybe his are doing different types of WU's ... I dont know... will try to have a good look today, as I have a cpl "old" radeon cards I may well "swap back in" if they're gonna be that much faster !

EDIT: the 9500's WU it just finished, was "500,000 steps" and took nearly three days.... the new one it just downloaded... is "1,5000,000 steps"... is that three times the size/ length ..??


Sounds like you're on your own here Veebee.  I have only run FAH on CPUs so don't know.  But maybe there are some answers on the FAH message boards?

Bear in mind that the 9500GT and 9600GT are relatively low spec cards (32 and 64 shaders respectively).  Not sure how an ATI 4370 compares to those two