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Project Overview

Started by WikiWill, April 09, 2009, 11:44:22 PM

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Project Summary
The goal of Cosmology@Home is to search for the model that best describes our universe and to find the range of models that agree with the available astronomical and particle physics data.

To achieve this goal, participants will compute the observable predictions of millions of theoretical models with different parameter combinations. We will use the computation results to compare all the available data with these models. In addition, the results from Cosmology@Home can help design future cosmological observations and experiments, and prepare for the analysis of future data sets.  Each work package simulates a universe with a particular geometry, particle content, and "physics of the beginning." It produces predictions of the observable properties of the Universe which we can then compare to observations and measurements of our universe.

Cosmology@Home is running a production and test application, both of which are in Alpha state, and run on 32 bit Windows and 32 or 64 bit Linux.
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Connecting to Cosmology@Home
The project can be found at:
Cosmology is listed as a project in BOINC and the various BOINC account managers, for direct connection.

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