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Best set up for Moowrapper 01/11/19

Started by chooka03, November 01, 2019, 02:18:21 PM

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What's the best setup for this project?
I saw very, VERY few Radeon GPU's so clearly it's not AMD friendly?


Greetings Chooka from when I last did some MOO, AMD cards were the best cards.

Looking at the top 50, yes NVIDIA seems to be doing okay, if you have any of the following

Any RTX card.
GTX 1660ti
GTX 1070 and above.

My 1060 would be a waste doing a workunit in 1530 seconds

Your RADEON VII doing them in 330 seconds.

So you would smash it at MOO with your cards.

Doesn't look like you can run 2 at a time or any other adjustments.

As always YMMV 🙂

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I run two tasks at a time on Moo Wrapper with Nvidia cards with this app_config.xml but haven't done any for a while but I just did two concurrently as a test with my 1080Ti.  I ran two tasks using my main Win 10 machine and they ran for 1265 sec and got  about 6300  credit so that is about 35900 per hour for the card.


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