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Upgrade ?

Started by TouchuvGrey, July 29, 2020, 05:51:58 PM

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I agree. You can run mixed GPU's without having to code for it.


OK, Radeon RX580 finally installed and running. Not sure why but it took
about 8 attempts to get the card in and recognized. Of course now it doesn't see the
NVidia card right next to it. i'll worry about that tomorrow.



When i open the Radeon Software i see that i can change a lot
of the settings. Any suggestions as to what should be changed ?

   The one i did notice and TRY to change is where it says   Under Graphics, Advanced
GPU Workload.  i have used the dropdown to change it from "Graphics" to "Compute"
Clicked "OK" to restart RSX, but after doing that it is still set to "Graphics". Any suggestions ?