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Project Updates

Started by Daniel, September 18, 2020, 03:34:01 PM

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Some news from TN-GRID ...

Our gene@home project (hosted by the University of Trento, Italy) has been chosen by AMD as a recipient for their COVID-19 HPC fund, see the official announcement

Some of the key points are ...

Quote from: valterc (TN-GRID Project Admin)The grant will give us access, for one year, to two AMD computational nodes, each one equipped with a AMD Epyc "Rome" and 8 AMD Radeon Instinctâ„¢ MI50 Accelerators.

Quote from: Professor Enrico Blanzieri (University of Trento)The computational resources that AMD is providing will be inserted in our on-going gene@home project that aims to discover the causal relationships between the expression of genes. In particular, we plan to speed-up specific inquiries about genes interacting with SARS-CoV-2 in collaboration with the medical researchers and students in the Laboratory of Biological Data Mining.

There is some more discussion about it on the TN-GRID message boards here ...