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Internode Founder Becomes AussieBB Customer

Started by Mike Mitchell, October 28, 2020, 06:00:29 PM

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Mike Mitchell

Simon Hackett, Founder of Internode has, after 2 years, given up trying to get an upgrade from his former business and become an AussieBB customer.

See his story here.

He even suffered the run-around we internet sufferers normally do. Completely meaningless and demeaning responses. :banghead

:BigGrin :BigGrin

He offered his client referral and says there is a $50 bonus for the new customer and $50 for the referer, please use mine, I need it way more than he does.  4237632   :jester:
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LOL now that is amusing!
I'm not a fan of TPG but have been a long time customer of iinet & Internode. I've had no reason to change but I can see why he's so upset. A good rap for ABB!



Now there's an example of poor customer service...

1. Not reading the customer's initial email, and simply replying with a blanket response.

I think whoever replied to the initial email had no idea about the technology being used. They were simply a robot following a programmed response. Sad.

BUT I'm with ABB and couldn't be happier. They increased their prices slightly but they did warn me a month in advance.
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