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Bizarrely low flops

Started by TouchuvGrey, January 16, 2021, 10:45:27 AM

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I personally think the best value cards for M@H is the R9 280X. At about $100 for a second hand one, it does really well at M@H and Einstein@home.
The RX480 or 580 is also a good option and better on the wallet for power usage. I see you could buy 3 x 280X for the price of 1 secondhand RX580. Again... you may want to factor in power usage though.... and heat.
When i run my 280x or even my Vega 56's, you are pumping out 80 - 90 degrees C per card.

This is where it really depends on the projects you like running. Ie - I like M@H and E@H and my cards do well at those projects..... Primegrid though.... all my cards (including the Radeon VII) get smashed by NVIDIA.


New ( 2nd hand ) box up and running.
i5 4570, 16GB RAM, R9 280X water cooled GPU
running 1 WU at a time right now. Will run that way for a
day or so and then try 2 or maybe 3.


Water  :thumbsup:
I run 2 consecutive on my 280x.


Congrats TouchuvGrey, no stopping you now  :cheers:

 AA 24 - 53 participant


 A bit more in the mix now

   Milyway@Home    GPU WU's

Machine #1  R9 280X + RX580
Machine #2  R9 280X
Machine #3  R9 280X
Machine #4  TX 580 (2)


     All machines running CPU WU's



It might be early days but are you reserving a core for each of those GPU's? ie - Your 8600K is crunching 4 CPU tasks out of your 6 cores? (because you have 2 GPU's so hence reserving 2 cores)


Thank you Chooka. As usual i have overlooked something.

Like the other day when i spent 2 hours trying to figure
out why a computer would not boot into Windows and
finally realized that i had left one connector unplugged.


All good mate  :thumbsup:
I was looking at your credits and they were quite low. The GPU was being starved. Watch it rocket now over the next couple of days!  :cheer1: