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Cosmology Is Back

Started by Mike Mitchell, March 15, 2021, 09:53:45 PM

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Mike Mitchell

The Cosmology Project is back and running. All but one of my pending 24 Dec 2020 results validated!  :yes :BigGrin
Let's hope it is as stable now as it used to be. I'm crunching them again.
AA's > 1-Malaria 2-Tanpaku 3-Riesl Siev 4-Seti 5-ABC 6-Einstein 7-WCG 8-Seti 9-QMC 10-WCG 11-Cosmo 12-ABC 13-MilkyWay 14-3x+1 15-Rosetta 16-ABC 17-MilkyWay 18-Einstein 19-WCG 20-WCG 21-Poem 22-Rosetta 23-Docking 24-Spinhenge 25-Alternate 26-Simap 27-Alternate 28-Constellation 29-WCG 30-Edges 31-Alternate 32-Pogs 33-WCG 34-Seti 35-Pogs 36-Poem 37-Pogs 38-Asteroids 39-Pogs 40-Simap 41-Pogs 42-Seti


It is almost like this user willed it into happening

I can't sign up or log in as they haven't got that working again yet (unsecured sites etc as usual)


Gee... I was beginning to think it was dead!!
Thx for the update  :thumbsup: