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Troubles attaching

Started by JugNut, December 28, 2014, 12:58:27 AM

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Hi all,
Does anyone know how to manually attach a new host to a project?

I'm trying to attach a new host to the problem is is down and apparently wont be up for some time.  Something about an attempted DDOS attack on the site so the front page was pulled off line.

As I mentioned the problem with that is the front page URL is also the URL used to attach new hosts too.  So trying the usual way through boinc just give you a Unable to connect message.

I do remember there is a way to manually attach but for the life of me I forget how.  Anyone know how?  I have an account already I just need to attach one more host.



 Perhaps try:
This will work for Windows as well as Linux (new boxes). Open a terminal and navigate to your Boinc folder. On the command line enter the following: boinc --attach_project (32 digit account key) then hit enter.

If it squawks at all then run boinc --detach_project and try again.

Once it finishes downloading and starts to crunch you can do a Ctrl+Alt+C to exit boinc. Now you can start Boinc with the GUI. It will probably only download one work unit initially but it will fill up as time progresses.

from here


Great find mate.  I searched CPN and with google as well but found nothing. ???

Last night I was trying a few things and found a method that was mentioned in that thread.  I attached to "" instead of "" which seemed to work fine.  It download the necessary apps and got work but...  now boinc is barking that I attached to the wrong URL & telling me to detach & then re-attach to the usual URL.  Actually everything would be fine if I could just rename the "" folder with the correct  I wonder if thats worth a go? That way the apps & work could remain.  What do you think worth a shot?  Or is that like playing with fire?  Mmm maybe not.

I give the main method mentioned in that thread a crack a bit later after I come home.  I'll let you know how it went.

Thank again kashi + 1


Well until I found that thread I thought you would have used boinccmd.exe not boinc.exe to attach manually.

Yes I'm also not sure about renaming the folder, the URL that BOINC is complaining about may be referenced somewhere else as well.

A project that has short running tasks you could just leave it as it is and see if tasks upload and report correctly but with such long tasks it would be frustrating if you completed some Climate Prediction work and it errored because of the incorrect URL.

Hope you manage to fix it, I haven't done any CPDN for yonks. If I remember correctly I used to run one of the climate model applications on Linux because it was a bit faster than Windows. Don't know how the current applications compare regarding OS.

I just had some of my mum's Mylanta, what weird tasting stuff, like fake mint taste mixed with chalk. Needed it because ate too much at a delayed Christmas dinner last night.

Hope your Christmas was fine, I scored some sensational Mareeba mangoes, sun dried Turkish figs, a bag of sencha tea and a Skoda Octavia wagon. So good to have a wagon again, haven't had one for 30 years since my HJ Kingswood V8. Octavia has so much room inside and is a corker to drive, engine's only 1.4 litre, but light weight plus turbo FTW.  v:


Hi kashi;
Sounds like you had a great crissy & a new car to boot.(santa has been busy) The wagon sounds like a real beaut, what made you choose a Skoda? 

For me a quiet one on crissy at my end but I can't complain as it was shared with friends & family and we all ate & drank way to much but luckily didn't need mylanta at the end, so what's to complain about? ;)

On the whole manual attach saga.. Well things didn't work out so well.  After reading that thread you pointed me to I was a tad confused as well.  Like you I thought it must be boinccmd.exe so that's what I tried using.

In the end I couldn't attach no matter what I tried & eventually I did try using boinc.exe as well but still no luck.
As it turns out there is an easier way to attach another host as long as you already have another PC attached.  Just copy the file from the attached PC to the same spot in the new PC that you need to be attached & restart boinc.(file found in the boinc data directory)   Boinc then automatically tries to attach. Bingo! (works for all other projects too)

While that should have worked unfortunately as far as I can tell no one can attach to at the moment no matter what method they use at least until the front page server with it's attach scripts are back on line. 

This is a link to a short chat I had about the problem over at CPN forums.  It may help put things in context & explain things a bit better if your interested.

Thanks again for your reply & I hope you and all team members have a happy new year.  Cheers Greg


I read the thread, it explains things well. Hope they get their website working again soon so you can attach.

Octavia wagon was the only car below $35K I could find with sufficient headroom in the rear for my brother who is 6' 2" and with the driver's seat low enough for me to see out comfortably.

It is now very difficult to find a new car in Australia that suits tall and heavy adults in the front and back seats at the same time. The large twin cab utes would be suitable, but they are unwieldy to park at the shops, too expensive and too high for my mum to climb into.

Actually tried a run out model Skoda Superb sedan/hatch first which is the "larger" Skoda and surprisingly driver's seat was too high for me and rear headroom was compromised for my brother even though it had massive rear leg room. Except for that generous rear leg room, Octavia is a much roomier car than the Superb. Octavia is a little shorter to park too, although it has automatic parking if I really had trouble, haha. Don't think I'll ever need to use it though.
Yes, Happy New Year to all.   :cheers: