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IBM will no longer run WCG

Started by Dataman, September 14, 2021, 05:21:52 AM

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I'm not sure either. IBM is a big company, but I know nothing about the Krembil Institute.

If nothing really changes, and is a move to benefit most people, then go right ahead.

Interesting to see of some projects are canned etc.
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The Krembil Institute has been involved with WCG, subprojects being SCC and MCM.

I think this may be positive for the grid, opens up the possibilities for other subprojects, one being Parkinsons.

Due to the only 3 active projects, researchers on both ARP1 and MCM have posted abouted the speedup they have noticed, which has made them happy.


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WCG's announcement raises the question as to how BOINCStats (and other stat's services) will handle this change. Will the WCG project be retired and a new Krembil project started or will WCG's name just be changed to Krembil?

For what it's worth, I prefer a new project rather than just a name change.

I posted this question at BOINCStats (Index>The Projects >WCG finds a new home at Krembil Research Institute). If you have an opinion, you may want to post it here:,1

UPDATE: I asked this question to IBM and they are transferring the trademark WCG to Kremil and the name will not change.



Had a quick look

Some of it is good, but what they have done to the badges and such well  :thumbdown:

But all that can be expressed through their forums.


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I went through it in depth last night and really nothing has changed; just moved around. The only new feature is the "streak" function <yawn>. Kevin fixed the big blunders; no detail by project and badges without the years showing.

I do not like the new badges but then I did not like the old ones either.

The new logo (three black circles) does not show much creativity.