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Primordial black holes

Started by ryzenmulti, April 19, 2023, 07:41:42 AM

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If you need some inspiration as to what might be possible outcomes from crunching on Boinc, think about primordial black holes. Super small, super dense objects as big as a closed fist that weigh 5 earth masses? These things actually exist and detecting them will depend entirely on computer analysis of telescope observations through space applications.

This paper contains a black hole drawn to scale with 5 earth masses.
Link to PDF

Imagine colliding with something the size of your hand (that cannot be easily seen) with the weight of a planet? Blows my tiny little mind these things are even possible. Physics continues to amaze.
The further back you look, the further forward you can see.

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136 intel cores (no H/T), 212 AMD/ryzen cores 8 RTX GPU's, 10 Tesla GPUs and 1.5TB RAM

Home cooked twin primes using python ... it started out with 256 digits of pi and eulers number ... and has ended with
(6*(3358638*(5^6137)+177))-1 ,4297 digits, is prime
(6*(3358638*(5^6137)+177))+1 ,4297 digits, is prime