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The universe according to Gaia Sky

Started by jave808, April 22, 2023, 11:01:45 AM

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Hi all

I discovered this piece of software that lets you zoom around the universe!  Go to

It does work on my Linux Mint btw. It wouldn't fire up about a month ago but I just tried it now and so far, so good.
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Yes Jave, have used it for a few years now. It is crazy wicked on big screens!! Download some extra datasets for added experience. The advances in 3D modelling and rendering are truly unreal. Real time positional display of the observable universe is captivating.

Screen grab of the satellite telescope Gaia out at the L2 lagrange point with JWST
Gaia screen grab (link)

Alternatives, there is also these to try (web and desktop applications)
NASA'a eyes - local earth/solar system and asteroids
WorldWide Telescope -
Stellarium (telescope simulator) -
The further back you look, the further forward you can see.

COMING SOON!! (2024)
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Home cooked twin primes using python ... it started out with 256 digits of pi and eulers number ... and has ended with
(6*(3358638*(5^6137)+177))-1 ,4297 digits, is prime
(6*(3358638*(5^6137)+177))+1 ,4297 digits, is prime