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Power cost

Started by turbo0, September 13, 2023, 08:36:14 PM

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Due to rising retail power cost my electricity per KWH went up 38% in July, I fear most people had similar rises. I am going to cross over to Amber energy and just pay fluctuation wholesale energy cost that should be lower. I am hoping to just schedule my crunching to when electricity cost are at there lowest price. I was wondering if anyone else has done something similar or if there is away to get live energy cost and develop some script or alert to crunch at specific times. 
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Sadly I've just reduced my crunching. Power bill is killing me.  :thumbdown:


I too have decided to crunch during the day only. I will kill off all my PCs overnight.

Current bill is $485, which is a bit for two people (Mum and myself). Also had air conditioning running for a fair bit during the day. Will cut back on that over the coming (hopefully cooler) months!
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