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COVID - it's still with us

Started by jave808, March 18, 2024, 08:01:20 AM

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Just a warning about COVID - it's still with us. Even much more so as my elderly dad (81yo) has caught it.

Confirmed with a RAT test yesterday afternoon. Not sure where he caught it from, I'm thinking from either the local shopping centre or the bowling club (where he goes to the Friday night raffle). Soooo I called his GP this morning and as soon as his GP gets in the GP will call me to discuss Dad's symptoms. Hopefully a script for antiviral meds will ensure and my dad will be on the mend.  :worship
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Mike Mitchell

I hope your dad gets well soon Jave. A favourite YouTube channel, Physics Girl, has been in a type of hiatus while Dianne gets over Long COVID. She's been bedridden for about a year.
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Hope you Dad gets a small dose and gets well soon. Is he up to date with his vaccinations?  I had my 6th vaccination for COVID  a week or so ago.

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Thanks Mike and Dingo. GP has given dad a script for LAGEVRIO. He has to take 4 tablets in the morning and 4 tablets at night for 5 days. Dr said if his symptoms don't improve over 2-3 days to contact Dr again.

I think he'll be okay.

As for vaccinations he isn't up to date. He's had 3 COVID vaccinations over the years. I have had 6 (last injection late last year).

I also decided to get the Shingles vaccination as I'm over 50 now. I need to get a booster soon.

I'm quite open to receiving vaccinations. I know there are a lot of people that call them "poison", and I will agree that SOME people get bad reactions to vaccinations. That's why they're voluntary. If you can't accept the risk don't get the vaccination. Nothing in life is guaranteed (except death and taxes)!
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While everyone was out buying up the toilet paper, I went straight to the health section and bought up vitamins and health gear. Not saying people are not susceptible, but your own natural immunity is very powerful. Give it some help with proper maintenance.

Vitamins B&C are water soluble. They are not retained by the body - if you pee clear, you are depleted in essential water soluble vitamins. Ingest them daily, the daily recommended dose is way too low and being water soluble you will get diahorrea before you are able to take too much. Fun fact: Vitamin C is a glucose substitute, if you ever want to see the catalyst reactions sodium ascorbate is in check out the sigma metabolism chart.

Vitamin D but not too excessive.
Whole milk contains high levels of lactoferrin, a natural antibacterial. Skim milk is crap.
Magnsesium if you drink a lot of coffee. Coffee is a diuretic so keep up the water and hydrolytes.
Hydrogen peroxide 3% and 6% for topical antibiotic and mouth gargle (don't swallow it). Very powerful antibacterial.
Probiotic for gut biome. Especially if you like the alcohol.
Good diet of veges and fruit. Drop all forms of sugar, you will not regret it.
Red beets, beetroot, carrots, watermelon (a natural anti-inflammatory)
Eggs are the single best bang for buck food on the planet. High in essential amino acids.
Lamb, the best meat on the planet, high in essential amino acids.
Healthy cholesterol in avocadoes. Cholesterol is essential for hormones, steroids and testosterone.

You can have your slack days, but giving your own body a better chance at survival is far more important. I subscribe to the theory that I am the carbon they want to reduce, so they can go k**f themselves.

I've been living the above for the last 15 years. I can testify to how effective it is, it works.
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All good ryzenmulti. We ALL need a bit of help in the health department. I personally feel we eat too much processed crap. All for cost and "convenience"!
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