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Galactic right hand orbits

Started by ryzenmulti, December 28, 2023, 09:42:25 AM

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I have long been curious why the dominant direction of orbit in our solar system (and elsewhere) is counterclockwise (for all captured planets and asteroids) in accordance with the right hand (curl) rule. Yes, there are exceptions, but given our sun is moving through the local milky way universe at roughly 720,000 kph (200 km per sec) then larger, external forces acting over a very long time have forged the local group of captured objects into what we know of the solar system as it is today. We are moving while sitting still. We are constantly exerted on my subtle external influences that are larger than most minds can imagine. only now we have the tools to understand this better than at any other time in our history.

Exceptions in orbit are either very massive or very recent captures by comparison. The more massive something is the longer it takes to move under the influence of external forces. So my curiosity is always - what lies not in front of the earth, but in front of the sun? The mayans (or aztecs??) worked out the heavens rotate 360 degrees every 25,500 years - in physics this is now known as the precession of the equinox. So we have seasons due to axial tilts, variations in orbit, without a sense of what mud the sun is dragging us through all the while thinking some imaginery being made 1 object (earth) special just for us out of many trillions of stellar objects in a visible universe 94 billion lights years in diameter.

The objects captured by our sun to date can be typical for every star we see, with trillions of variations due to size, temperature, position and their own local galactic influences. There are trillions of active and massive stellar objects, and trillions more debris all obeying the same basic laws of physics interacting with fundamentally gravitation but also electric and magnetic forces. It is not random chance that observations of motion have produced these artefacts. There are much bigger forces at play, and have been for a very long time. Gravity is now obvious and measurable. Electromagnetic forces in combination with gravity produce the wonderful spectra of objects we see in the visible universe.

I would be less cynical of the money grab for climate change of someone actually put real demonstrable, measurable science behind it. People closer to the truth already know. The universe is massive, and the future can be anticipated if people are prepared to look properly. Our physical influence as humans is laughable. What is more offensive is the deprivations of rights and liberties being imposed by a growing band of unellected influencers. Observations of 200 years are insignificant in a solar system that is a billion years old. Earlier civilisations decimated larger areas with fewer people and yet here we are. We are collectively dumber than a bag of bricks listening to unqualified people talk us into a range of sh*t policies designed to restrict our prosperity while enriching their own.

If there is a supreme being, it is laughing at us for thinking we are special, or that any of those among us are more special. If it created what is out there, then we are totally lacking the respect for what has been done for much longer than any of us have existed. Yes mankind can have an influence, but the radius of that influence by comparison is negligible when you apply the right scale. Just my 2c. Knowledge is power. Understanding is compassion. Happy holidays.
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(6*(3358638*(5^6137)+177))+1 ,4297 digits, is prime