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Project News - Cosmology@home

Started by Cruncher Pete, April 19, 2009, 11:03:16 AM

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Cruncher Pete

From Cosmology News Archive - 19 Apr 09:

We have restored CAMB 2.16 apps successfully for all platforms so all project specific errors (Signature and/or Checksum) should no longer be present. Also, most WUs for camb 2.16 are more resource heavy than the previous WU's for 2.15 so we have increased the credit for each WU from 140 to 200. If there are any disputes about this we will be happy to address them. If you feel that the credit being given for the 2.16 app, WUs is too little/ too much please start a thread related to this on the Wish List message board. Thank you.


from the More Credit thread

Anshul Kanakia
Forum moderator
Project administrator
Project developer

Some GOOD news...
I shouldn't really post this here because this piece of news has nothing to do with CAMB 2.16 WUs but I felt this thread was in need of some good, solid, uplifting news.
Everyone that has WUs lying around in their task list which errored out while downloading weeks ago will get 120 credits per every such WU. I know I have around 20 or so myself.
[me got ... drum roll... 3 !! :yahoo:]

Some OK news...
I am looking at a few solutions to dynamically allocate credit for WUs instead of having credit set at a flat rate. As Paul mentioned earlier, there are some WUs that are not as work intensive as others while some that take (from Pluk) longer than average time.

With my system:
GenuineIntel Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz [x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 11] (4 processors)

the credit claimed for new WUs has been between 290-330 and I can understand that this is not a good estimate for everyone. On the other hand, between Ben's Grad students, Scott and I we have a fairly good number of trusted CPUs so here is what I have decided to do for now...

This thread seems to indicate very strongly that our users avg out credit at 400 per WU.
I will take the avg claimed credit from all my trusted machines (there are around 10) = N credits.

Finally I will avg the two, so thats = (N + 400)/2 and set that to be the credit granted for CAMB 2.16 WUs till I have figured out a good way to dynamically allocate credit.
I hope this keeps everyone happy for now.

Finally, I would like to mention that both Scott and my finals are going to start in 2 weeks so we will not be as active on the project. I will also be gone for 2 weeks between May 17th and June 1st. I will try to stay on the forums at that time but will not be doing any project development till I get back.

Wang Solutions

Just wanted to let you guys know that I really appreciate these updates. I rarely get the time to visit any project websites these days so it is nice to have you guys doing most of the work for me.  biggrin  :thanks1:

Cruncher Pete

From Cosmology News Archive:

28 Apr 09:

A total of 5000 credits have been added to profiles of all active Csomo@home users. This is meant for expired/failed WUs due to project down-time and to compensate for the earlier low credit per WU payment for resource intensive CAMB 2.16 WUs. Also, the time bound for these new WUs has been incresaed from 10 days to 15 days which should be enough to complete crunching them even on machines ~5 years old.


For some reason I got the 5k bonus despite not having crunched any Cosmo for 12 months  ???


You could go join the " I REFUSE your gift " thread  :rofl:

And... Calling upon the "I asked first" rule I respectfully request any and all refused credit to be transferred to my account. Thanks.  biggrin

Wang Solutions

So can I call shotgun?  biggrin

I am actively crunching Cosmo and currently sit on 999,984 credits.


QuoteYou could go join the " I REFUSE your gift " thread  ROFL

Nah, I think I'll hang onto it ;D. Seeing as I crunch mostly low paying projects I'll consider it my reward for persevering with those projects :coolgleam:.
Having said that I have no objections if the admins decide to rescind their gift.

Mike Mitchell

Quote from: Cruncher Pete on April 29, 2009, 02:41:20 PMA total of 5000 credits have been added to profiles of all active Csomo@home users.

Now that explains the extra 5K, thanks for that CP. +1   :thanks1:
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5K bonus?

So now we've got KRudd aboard?


For a long time volunteers over at Cosmology@Home have been discouraged by the lack of communications by the project administrators.
A couple of days ago the project scientist Benjamin Wandelt replied to a post by Cruncher Pete.
He says ...

Hi -
Thank you for your message.

I agree that we have been lacking in our communication activities.

The good news is that we are taking active steps to improve the project at the moment. We have been using the small amount of funding we have on keeping C@H up. We had some downtime yesterday due to a hardware failure. This has now been resolved.

We are now working on a major upgrade of C@H this summer. This will involve
- migration of c@h to a new, more stable, and more robust server,
- upgrade to the latest BOINC version,
- some infrastructure changes that will allow us to push new code versions much more efficiently.

These changes will set us up for launching new cosmology applications (beyond the current CAMB).

More updates to follow.

Let me thank you for your patience and for your continued involvement in C@H.

Best regards,

It's good to see the project is still alive.


In case anyone here is interested, Cosmology@Home are looking for OSX/Virtualbox beta testers.

The following message from Marius was posted on the BOINC message boards today ...

QuoteHi all, project developer at Cosmology@Home here. We're launching a major update soon which we've been beta testing over at One of the things this update adds is support for OSX, and we could use more beta testers for this. If you'd be willing to participate, checkout this thread or just point your client to the url above. You will need a 64bit processor and Virtualbox installed. Any credits you gain on the beta server will transfer over once we upgrade the real thing. Thanks for your help!



Finally, they have work again for both legacy and docker.  :thumbsup:


I didn't know they were out of work!
This shockingly, slow credit provider is on my hit list one day. My rank stinks and I regret adding it to my Only because of the grindingly, slow credits.

One day. Got too many other priorities yet.


Greetings All

Decided to try some Cosmology@Home work, but due to

can't login, because Cosmology@Home can't deliver secure connections (ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR).

On that note, will not crunch project till it is resolved.

Kind Regards

 AA 24 - 53 participant