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Whats up with Tanpaku

Started by MIGHTYMAN, May 05, 2009, 01:10:24 AM

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Any one know whats going on with this project?

Cruncher Pete

I believe this is now considered to be an Archived project as the Project Manager went on a walkabout and never returned to the Tokyo Univercity.  Others attempted to run the show without either interest or knowhow.


Yep, you can read more about it here It's a shame because that was my pet project & I was only weeks away from making a million :cry2:. I've adopted 2 other Bio projects in it's place though as pet projects. Docking & Superlink. Should reach a mill in a few months in Docking  biggrin


Plenty of similar projects around. 

Even GPUGrid is similar in nature (theyŕe actually looking at HIV virus proteins.  So weŕe doing our bit for biomedical research there :)

Oh, and Ive moved Tanpaku into retired projects on the forum


Thanks for the info, now to check out something else to take its place.