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Project News - Yoyo@home

Started by Cruncher Pete, May 10, 2009, 09:25:34 AM

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There are 2 new sub-projects at Yoyo@Home ...

QuoteNontrivial Collatz Cycle wants to prove that there are no Collatz Cycles with length < 17*10^9 other than 1 - 4 - 2.
Therefore it searches for Path Records with start numbers up to 10^20.

QuotePerfect Cuboid aims to find Perfect Cuboid or prove that if it exists, his space diagonal must be greater than 2^63.
During the moving up we also will find almost perfect cuboids: Edge and Face cuboids (completely) and some kinds of cuboids in complex numbers (Perfect Complex, Imaginary and Twilight).


Thanks for the info Daniel :thumbsup:

While I may not always remember to say it,  I always appreciate when yourself & others put up the latest info. As i'm sure everyone else does too.  + karma


Another new sub-project at yoyo@home ...

This subproject produces Sieve Files for the CRUS-project.
We are sieving for Riesel/Sierpinski to b conjectures where b<1030. (Form: k*bn-/+1).
Sieve files are needed to start testing for primes.


Thanks for letting me know Daniel. :thumbsup: +1

Excellent, a new badge in pending for me, ooh shiny. Now onwards and upwards to add a star.  v:


Some news from Yoyo@home ...

Quote30 June 2019 New Project M Queens

We started M Queens as new project in yoyo@home.
The M queens puzzle is the problem of placing M chess queens on an M x M chessboard so that no two queens threaten each other; thus, a solution requires that no two queens share the same row, column, or diagonal.

Curently it is a test application only available for Linux64 and we are running some test workunits for M=24. We did already M=20 and verified the results. As next step we will verfy the number of solutions for M=27. If everything runs well we might go to find solutions for M=28, which is currently unknown.


There is an optimization that you can do for AMD cards to make them process MQueens better on Windows ??

I have not tried this and I do not know where the file is on github??

16 December 2020 GPU version for M Queens
We have now a first GPU version for the M Queens project for Windows. It requires an OpenCL 2.0 GPU. The version can be downloaded from The zip contains an installation instruction, the app and the app_info.xml.
To install the optimized solver for m-queens on yoyo@home perform the following steps:
1) Find the VRAM size of your GPU in GB
2) Choose the appropriate subfolder, e.g. 4GB cards will find the solver in the 4G directory in this archive
3) Find your BOINC data folder, for me it's: CrogramDataBOINC
3) Copy the files from the subfolder to CrogramDataBOINCprojectswww.rechenkraft.net_yoyo
4) You should now have:
- CrogramDataBOINCprojectswww.rechenkraft.net_yoyoapp_info.xml
- CrogramDataBOINCprojectswww.rechenkraft.net_yoyom-queens2-boinc-ocl-<x>G.exe
- CrogramDataBOINCprojectswww.rechenkraft.net_yoyolibOpenCL.dll
This has been tested and confirmed working with:
AMD Radeon RX550
AMD Radeon RX570
AMD Radeon RX580
Nvidia cards will not work since they don't support OpenCL 2.x

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