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Project Overview

Started by Cruncher Pete, May 23, 2009, 11:34:19 AM

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Cruncher Pete


Project Summary
The aim of the project is to figure out who wins in reversi game - first player, second player or if the game is tied. There is a requirement for a "perfect play" - that means the best result for the player regardless of the other player's quality of a play.

We know what status of the game can happen (the rules of the game are followed). As the status of the game progresses, there are many possible ways how to play - we can describe this into a tree with beginning of the game as a trunk and the results of the game as the leaves. The end of game is valued by the numbers: 1 means first player won, -1 means the second player won, 0 is tied game. We use the final results backwards - the first player plays the best move (the higher number signals better move). The same works for the second player (playing the best move available, but the number here has to be the lowest = playing against the player 1). Repeated moves we will get us to the beginning of the game. This algorithm is called "Minimax" and it is the base of this project.

The following platforms are supported:

Microsoft Windows x86   (32bit)
Linux x86                      (32bit)

Connecti6ng to Reversi
The project's Home Page is located at:
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N.B. Please note that this project exports stats as test1 according to BOINCStats but Team scores are not shown.

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