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Project Overview

Started by yoda, February 03, 2009, 05:07:27 PM

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Current goals:
  • improve and extend the application workflow, bug fixing, add new features for the users (it's still alpha phase)
  • play games (at the moment position 1-80) with different engine parameters to identify good starting positions for white and black
  • add all played games to a database to publish them online

General goals:

  • build a huge database with at least 1000 games per starting position (better 10000).
  • use these games to develop some opening theory

Later we will use also other strong free engines. we choose Glaurung at first because its ability to change the playing style.

We are focussed on opening theory for Chess960 and a public database with all the games the community played.

The project can be found at

Use the same URL in BOINC to attach to the project.

Has applications for:
  32 bit Windows
  32 bit and 64 bit Linux

Cruncher Pete

There is only one problem.  Account creation is still disabled and has been for over twelve months as far as I know as I tried a few times to attach in that time.   :cry2:


Yes, it looks like this project  has been in hibernation for some time.  I might move it to Inactive/Retired Projects