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Project News - Gerasim@Home

Started by Cruncher Pete, May 28, 2009, 12:11:27 PM

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Cruncher Pete

This project has been under development since 2007. The link to "About Gerasim@Home is empty" and the Rules are in Russian.  The only info as to the purpose of the project is from the project Admin giving an answer to a question was on 9 May 08 when he gave a one line answer: "The project presently doing Prime search".

On the positive side, the project is issuing credits and exporting stas under BOINC Account Manager and we do have a Team in the project.


The goals or actual work being done by this project still seem to be impossible to find  :hbang:

Below is a rough translation of the 'Rules and Policies' page from their website. Try doing this with only babelfish!  Bashhead  And I still don't have a clue what the project does!  :rofl:

Install Gerasim@home only on authorized computers.

Install Gerasim@home only on computers which you manage, or for which you obtained permission from the owner. In some companies, schools and universities it is prohibited to install and attach computers to projects such as Gerasim@home.

How will Gerasim@home your computer

When you install Gerasim@home on your computer, it will use part of the resources of processor, space on the hard drive and network traffic. You can control how much of the resources of your computer will be used for the work of gerasim@home, and when they will be used. The work carried out by your computer, contributes to finding solution to the problems of Gerasim@home, as described on the website of the project. Applications may change from time to time.

Guarantee of Security

Your account at Gerasim@home is identified by any name which you choose. This name can be shown on the website of Gerasim@home, together with the summary of the work of your computer completes for Gerasim@home. If you wish to remain anonymous, make sure you do not use your real name. If you participate in Gerasim@home, information about your computer (such as the type of processor, the volume of working storage, and so forth) will be recorded by the project and used for deciding what type of work to send to your computer. This information will be also shown on the website of Gerasim@home. Nothing which would indicate the location of your computer (for example, its domain or net name) will be shown. In order to participate in Gerasim@home, you must register with your email address. This address will not be shown on the website of Gerasim@home or accessible to other organizations. Gerasim@home may send you periodic newsletters, but you may opt out of this at any time.

How safe is it to run Gerasim@home?

Each time you download and run a program from the Internet, the following may happen: programs may have dangerous errors, causing your computer to crash. Gerasim@home has undertaken efforts to minimise these risks. We thoroughly test our applications. Our servers are protected by firewalls and are highly secure. In order to ensure the integrity of the our applications, all usable files are signed by digital signature on protected computers, which are not connected to a network or the Internet. The applications run by the project of Gerasim@home, may overheat some computers. If this happens, either detach from Gerasim@home or download utilities to limit the use of your processor. Gerasim@home was developed and is uses the BOINC platform for running its applications. The BOINC platform was developed at the university of California. To obtain tasks from the Gerasim@home you should download and install BOINC from


Gerasim@home and are not responsible for any damage to your computer, the loss of data, or any other events or incidents which may occur as the result of your participation in Gerasim@home.

Other projects

Other projects also use the BOINC platform. You may want to participate in one or several of these projects. If you are attached to several projects, your computer will carry out useful work, even when Gerasim@home has no tasks available. Other projects are not connected to Gerasim@home, and we cannot guarantee their safety or nature of their studies. Attach to them at your own risk.


Quote[Gerasim@Home] Gerasim@home:
Battle for the "Magnetar-17" fueling station has begun.
Сражение за заправочную станцию "Magnetar-17" началось..
Rank Team Name
3. Russia Team
4. BOINC.Italy
Vanessa-Mae - Storm (Official Video)
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Have a look at the BOINC@AUSTRALIA Facebook Page and join and also the Twitter Page.

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Quote[Gerasim@Home] Gerasim@home:
Наконец-то  добавлены задания в достаточном количестве.
На сколько их хватит? На неделю, или на месяц? Поехали!
Well, finally enough tasks have been added. How long will they last?
For a week, or for a month? Go!
Computing with "Vaya Con Dios" - Nah neh nah
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Have a look at the BOINC@AUSTRALIA Facebook Page and join and also the Twitter Page.

Proud Founder and member of BOINC@AUSTRALIA

My Luck Prime 1,056,356 digits.
Have a look at my  Web Cam of Parliament House Ottawa, CANADA


That's interesting, there server status was showing over 60% yesterday and now it's dropped down to 22% after releasing those WU's.

I'm going to keep crunching it for Numbersfield