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Author Topic: Credit Adjustment for CPDN  (Read 12307 times)


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Credit Adjustment for CPDN
« on: August 14, 2009, 02:04:52 PM »

I was wondering why my total credits just jumped up by 46,000 in CPDN..

Here's why!  :thumbsup:

From the CPDN Boards:

Posted 13 Aug 2009 20:33:43 UTC
Posted by mo.v (Forum Moderator)
Last modified: 13 Aug 2009 21:12:29 UTC

CPDN credits

Carl rewrote the CPDN credit scripts as part of the big database and server upgrade. His new scripts run much faster than the old ones. There are now, however, some credit anomalies.

* There is an inexplicable loss of a small % of our total credits. Different percentages for different members but in no case very large. This is the credit loss showing today on the stats sites. There are several possible causes. For example, Carl has archived a lot of our old data because the database had become gigantic; this archiving may have resulted in the loss of some credits. Carl has been working on the server upgrade since Sunday and does not intend to spend more time looking for these lost credits!

* The Boinc cross-project comparison table shows that CPDN has been awarding credits at a lower rate than most other projects including Seti. CPDN also has a 'reference computer' used to compare credit given by Seti and CPDN. Our programmers can calculate credit comparisons per processing hour on the same computer.

Why compare with Seti? Because 1) it's the original Boinc project 2) when CPDN migrated to Boinc our credits were set at levels similar to Seti 3) the Seti programmers have taken many steps to avoid inflation or deflation of the value of their credits.

So Carl has decided to increase the credits awarded for all models by 5%. This increase has already been implemented retrospectively, which should compensate for the inexplicable loss. (So today's negative figures on the stats sites should be reversed tomorrow or on Saturday.) And in future we'll earn 5% more than before.

* Credits for each completed model type have been increased as follows:

    * HadAM3 was 5,184.00, now 5,443.20, +5%
    * HadAM3P was 1,982.64, now 2,081.77, +5%
    * HadCM3 (80 year) was 24,883.20, now 49,766.40, +5%
    * HadCM3 (160 year) was 49,766.40, now 52,254.72, +5%
    * HadSM3 was 6,805.26, now 7,145.52, +5%
    * HadSM3MH was 9,073.68, now 9,527.36, +5%

Credits per trickle will of course also increase by 5%.
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