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Project News - LHC@Home

Started by BF, August 21, 2009, 01:12:11 PM

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You didn't forget doing it mate, I also ticked the box last week or the week before. It reset for some reason by the looks.
I only noticed because I check boincstats daily and saw no credits and a strange abbreviation next to LHC.


Quote from: JugNut on January 18, 2019, 03:20:39 PM
Unbelievable!! After first seeing that LHC now needed consent to export stats I went and selected the appropriate box and I thought that was that.  Heck I even started a thread to show new GDPR projects as they come up.
But I just found out that my name is missing on boinc-stats for LHC.  So I checked once more and low & behold the setting is now not selected. What went wrong?  I'm buggered if I know?  I wonder what else i've missed?

It makes you wonder how rank & file members are coping with this crap,  most of whom would never have even heard of GDPR?

Thanks for reminding me chooka.
Yes, the whole thing is a mess. I saw LHC lost 12 billion yesterday in the BOINCStats morning update and regained a bunch again in the next one. One day I gain thousands of positions and then I lose thousands. One day I was in the top 100 at LHC. Heck, I have run less than 200k there.

Do not forget NumberFields which will implement it in the next few days. This surprised me. Not sure why the University of Arizona cares. None of the CA universities have done anything.

Also there is no standard place where they put the option; some global and some in the generic profile. Does this mean one has to set it in each profile being used? We have been doing this for decades and we get confused. God help "Debbie Doe" who is trying to save the planet on her little pink laptop.  :rofl:

BOINC is the overall loser.  :thumbdown:


New six-track's available. Get them while they are hot as they will not last long.


Can't sorry Dataman, there's a WCG challenge on  :rocks


Sixtrack work available for anyone interested!



Now that I have a VM installed and Ubuntu, I'm curious to see how other projects go with Windows 10 vs VM/Ubuntu.

Win10 = Anywhere from 15800 - 19000 sec

Post back later


There's HEAPS of sixtrack work if anyone is interested in LHC@HOME. Usually it drops off by now but the tank just keeps getting filled with work. It's great.
I'm currently paused while the WCG challenge is on.

I found this a little heavy but get the picture lol.



A video of the CERN 2021 activity highlights.

WARNING: The techno crapola background music is VERY annoying!  :rofl:


Does anyone have any tips on running the ATLAS, CMS or Theory tasks?
I opened the flood gates to this work on my VM yesterday and it looked like the wu's were smashing my HDD. BOINC even said I'd run out of space & needed to allocate more HDD space.
Some wu's looked like they were going to take days & days to finish.
I tried cutting my CPU usage down to 50% running on cores only which seemed to improve things a little. I'm assuming people only run a handful of tasks at a time? Quite the HDD & memory hog?

For the time being I aborted most of the work and I'm currently crunching 1 ATLAS w/u which is using 8 cores and has been running for 8hrs. I might experiment with one at a time - ie - ATLAS only, then a CMS maybe.
I'm keen to hear any one's experience running these tasks.


HI Chooka03

With the ATLAS VM tasks, yes they are intensive, big download files and use lots of memory.

How much memory does the machine that is running the 1 ATLAS job have on it.

The following thread from LCH@Home is a good start

I run the Native Linux Apps for ATLAS and Theory (use way less memory, and I can run more of them), but they are a learning curve to get up and running, also you need a pure linux machine.

So here is my final take on it (VM wise)

Theory - Easy to get up and get going
CMS - Medium to get up and get going
ATLAS - Hard to get up and get going, but if you get the previous too up and running fine, then you are half way there.

Remember ATLAS uses a lot of MEMORY, the more cores you assign to the one workunit (multicore), the more memory it uses, so it takes a bit of fine tuning to find your sweetspot.

Also, computers running the workunits, need to be constantly on, as they need a continuous network connection.

Hope this helps, as always, your mileage may vary, but once you are up and running, then you are set.

Lastly, try not to do all three subprojects at once on the same machine, especially CMS, as BOINC will grab more than needed, (Bug thats been around forever)


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Thanks Tazzduke  :thumbsup:

So my 3950X has 32gig of memory. Right now it's running 2 x ATLAS tasks which says in BOINC it's using (8 CPU's) each however my task manager only shows about 37% usage. As for memory, they are using about half my 32gig of RAM so not that bad really if it's running right.
Do ATLAS tasks usually take a long time? My first one has been running for 8hrs+ with another 1-2hrs to go.

When I opened the flood gates (lol) I did complete some Theory tasks. The credit isn't very good is it.
I did no CMS work. I just aborted them all for whatever reason (just to clear the decks & dial it back a bit) and I did 30 x ATLAS simulations. It is M/T work but the credits look better.

Do all these wu's have badges?

Thx  :dance:


Hi Chooka03

Yes the ATLAS workunits can vary between 12 hours and longer, depending on hardware used and how many cores the use.

Mine average around 15 hrs, but I have them set up differently.

Also yes the Theory pay lousy.

CMS run about 18hrs, but are good to run.


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Thanks very much Tazzduke!  :thumbsup:
The ATLAS wu has REALLY slowed up. 11hr 41min so far.


Hi Chooka03, 

Congrats on getting the ATLAS tasks to complete successfully.


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