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Kicking IBERCIVIS along

Started by WikiWill, October 08, 2009, 11:23:17 AM

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According to teemac's excellent TeamStats, IBERCIVIS needs some urgent attention.  So I've started a bit of work along with my WCG and Milkyway crunching, and I aim to collect 50k before reassessing my goals :)

Our highest rank in this project was 10th in June last year, but we have dropped to 31, and are 36th by RAC.  This is a low paying project (you thought WCG was bad!) but that also means we don't need too much effort to improve ranking.

If you want to join in, you may want to check which of the project apps deliver best credit for you.  I've found that docking is incredibly poor, neurosim is not too bad, and nanoluz is the best of a bad lot.  I currently have all apps selected in project preferences except for amld-docking and bless-docking.

You can read the overview here:
IBERCIVIS team stats here: