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Project News - AQUA@home

Started by Cruncher Pete, February 11, 2009, 09:05:42 AM

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First big unit returned claimed and granted credit 10,560.33 :shock

Not tooooo bad for one day's work


Great work vajras, just for that I gave you a vote for AQUA user of the day  :worship

If anyone is in the mood, feel free to recommend me too (if you are logged in there):

And while you're at it, I haven't had one for Rosetta yet...

TIA  :wink


Blatant pimping there Mr Wikiwill - many thanks  biggrin - just returned the favour

BTW - my next unit - 09nov09-96-4M-128-1-uh_25_33_0 - is @22% after about4.5 hrs effective (17:19:00)

returned WU 1284129 - running WU 1285165


Yep, AQUA certainly is a good one on a decent multicore cpu.

I have it running on both i7's and one Q6600.... the i7's get around 2 done a day. Unfortuneately the quad is only running at stock speed (mobo restricted), but it HAS made a difference since being added to the foray.

The credits still aren't as hot as they were a while back, but they are still good!