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Optimised apps

Started by veebee, February 12, 2009, 07:12:52 AM

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GPU app for Windows 32-bit (and 64-bit) can be found here

Works only on recent ATI cards (3800 or 4800 series). Requires SSE2 capable CPU.

I don't know how to install it and it is still an experimental app so may give problems. However one user has it working successfully on his HD4850 and is very pleased to be receiving nearly a credit per second.

from this thread


Well I bit the bullet and installed the optimised app on three of my Windows boxen so I should make 500k tonight.  I wonder how much difference I'll see in the coming days.

...  very pleased to be receiving nearly a credit per second.
from this thread

That's insane...  I'm excited if I get a credit a minute!  Maybe I just excite easily  biggrin


i installed the opt app's on 3 doze since v0.16 - 2 P4D's and one q9450

one P4D is getting about 1.6CR / min (v0.19)
and the other one + the quad are getting about 2 / min (0.16)

might roll back to v0.16 !!


my i7 is doing (with 0.19) MW WU's in times ranginf from 4 min 30 to about 9 mins.... so there's obviously a big cr/hr/core difference between those WU's....


well, several hours of crunching in both boxes....... and Wiki, you'll be happy to know that you should hit your desired credit/minute rate without any trouble in XP32 bit using just the SSE3 app (I think .could be running SSSE3 app, but can't remember and too lazy to go looking LOL)

Same applies with iGnatious and SSE4.1 app. The times per WU now have minor variances, depending on what the box says the 'time to completion' is in Boinc, but both are doing them in either <6 mins (~8 cr/unit) or even 10+/- mins (12+ cr/min)

Either way, it works out at about 60 - 84 credits per hour per core. The reason for the '-' is that not all units in a run are the same length, hence you may get a run of 5 mins then two 10 mins and so forth.

Have TheGnat happily doing one core on MW and the other on Seti AP and then will be switching the second core between CPDN and WCG (Gotta extractae digitae in that one.... cause MW is starting to leave it fur dead  :cry2:) until next Seti AP arrives.


You're right oh Furry one, I'm cranking through them well now.  Using the SSE4.1 on my E8400, and SSE3 on the others that don't support newer calls.

The E8400 is averaging 110 cr/hr/core.  WUs take between 4 and 7 mins and return 8 - 12 credits.
The Xeon 5130 is averaging 60 cr/hr/core, which is up from about 22 average on the version I was running a couple of weeks ago.

So it was worthwhile after all!!


definitely taking iGnatious to the docs tomorrow. :hbang: 110 per core??? on an E8400?? I want some of that  :rofl:


Ran my X3350 with Windows for a while.  With 4 cores at 3.4GHz it can earn 517 credits/hour (based on 100 completed work units).  That's just under 12.5k per day. 

Unfortunately it's not as good under Linux.


Been having a run on primegrid for a while, and decided to go back to Milkyway.

On the i7 (not even really wound up yet - 2.8 Ghz ), using the opt app (for sse 4.2) Im getting 85.75 cr/ hr/ core (686 per hour - 16500 odd per day)

EVERY Linux computer I have, (tried sse3, ssse3 for 64 bit linux)  is erroring out EVERY wu , .. before they even "process" anything..

I even detach MW to make sure it is  a "clean" set up, ( then re-attach and make sure ther's no wu's download. .. shut boinc (client and manager ) down, replace the necessary files, restart boinc)..

same happens again.

To coin a phrase.."Why is it so ??" * spoken with a nasally, twangy, white wirey-haired crazy but cool scientist sort of a voice*


Are you changing the permissions of the mod apps to boinc?? (Top two)


Thanks Furlozza, +1 for reminding me ... AGAIN, what you told me last time I had this prob..

(BTW - anybody - when did this needing to change permissions start up ??)


No Probs, Veebs..... ya want 'dumb', read my post about TheGnat running three projects on two cpus at once :hbang:

As for the permissions..... well, it applies with 6.2.12 which is the standard download with 8.10 Ubuntu. When the files are downloaded, my user name has the right to do the top two thingies.... but Boinc apparently wants nothing to do with me.... or you, but just boinc.... narky little piece of work that it is at times.

In all likelihood (and will allow correction on this) I have a sneaking suspicion that it is a long standing thing with Ubuntu/linux as part of the internal control. When the stock files are downloaded from the projects, there is no need to muck about with permissions cause they are set within the project. Mod apps just don't follow "those rules".


I just cant remember ever having to change permissions before.... it seemed like when this new "split" system (files in C:\Programs files\.. & c;\Documents and settings\allusers\..) came in windows is when I started hearing of this in linux... anyways, they are running fine now, thanks.

Wang Solutions

The problem is that when you install via Synaptic it installs under user BOINC, but when you download a different version it downloads with your user permissions. If you then copy the files into what is a protected directory, you must change the ownership to BOINC or it is forbidden to run.


 Bashhead  ( doh doh doh doh doh .....)  that should have been logical....