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Started by kashi, April 08, 2010, 12:16:22 AM

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From the RNA World website:

Tuberculosis project

7 Apr 2010 12:50 PM UTC

The first set of WUs dealing with our tuberculosis project (please see the previous thread and the scientific project objectives on our website) is now ready for processing. These WUs should have quite heterogeneous run times of up to a maximum of 10 hrs (on an Intel i7 920 2,66 GHz Quad-Core CPU) and should be devoid of RAM or traffic problems. I hope that even those that had problems with our last set of huge CMS WUs will consider participating again since I believe this is a very interesting research project. Michael


2010-09-03: RNA World - WU shortage
Due to an excellent, but unfortunately unannounced race with tremendous throughput (increase of compute power from approx. 2.5 TFLOPS to above 4.5 TFLOPS within only two days), our WU buffer has been sucked dry. Although we have more than enough work for even more participants, RNA World WU production is computationally expensive (for each WU that can be delivered, a mini simulation has to be carried out on the server), so our server currently can't keep up with the demand. Whatever is produced is downloaded almost instantly. On top of that the current WUs appear rather short (WU runtimes can not be deduced without the results from the mini simulations). We now try to feed in some longer running tasks over the weekend but still it may take quite some time to refill the buffers although the server works on refilling constantly.


Quote[RNA World] Happy new year!
Happy new year to all our contributers!

Allen Projektunterstützern wünschen wir ein frohes neues Jahr!
We wish everyone supporting the project a happy new year!


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