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Title: Project Overview
Post by: Dingo on September 16, 2011, 01:28:48 PM
New theSkyNet BOINC application available see this link (

Promotional Video (

The Science Bit

By connecting 100s and 1000s of computers together through the Internet, its possible to simulate a single machine capable of doing some pretty amazing stuff.

theSkyNet is a community computing project dedicated to radio astronomy. Radio astronomers use radio telescopes (of course) to observe the Universe at radio wavelengths (still with me?). All day, every day, signals from distant galaxies, stars and other cosmic bits and pieces arrive at the Earth in the form of radio waves. Once detected by a radio telescope the signal is processed by computers and used by scientists to support a theory or inspire a new one.

The Computer Bit

When you join theSkyNet your computer will help radio astronomers process information and answer some of the big questions we have about the Universe.
As a part of theSkyNet community your computer will be called upon to process small packets of data, but you wont even notice its going on. The key to theSkyNet is to have lots of computers connected, with each doing only a little, but it all adding up to a lot.

At the heart of theSkyNet is this website, where youll find alliances youve joined stack up against others. The more data you and your alliances process, the more status youll have within theSkyNet community.

But thats not it, because as theSkyNet project evolves well be adding more features for you to explore. In the pipeline we have visualisation tools to help you understand the data youre processing and even an opportunity to help identify and catalogue radio wave sources.

The Guts of theSkyNet

theSkyNet is powered by some clever software called Nereus. Data collected by one of several radio telescopes is sent to your computer as a small data packet ready for processing by the Nereus client. Once processing of the data packet has taken place it is sent back and the process begins all over again. By repeating this process across thousands of computers, it is possible to simulate a single powerful machine capable of doing real and relevant scientific research.

As a member of theSkyNet you can:

    Earn credits for contributing your computing power to theSkyNet.
    Earn trophies as you unlock achievements.
    Compare yourself to other theSkyNet members in the ranking lists.
    Form and join alliances with others and take over theSkyNet Universe together.
    Share your success through your Facebook or Twitter if youd like.
    Win an  amazing grand prize. (

Plus you can say I helped do real science today, all to stop my computer from getting bored!

To join theskynet you need to register at this URL (

Make sure that you join the Team which they call an Alliance which is BOINC@AUSTRALIA

Once you have joined the Team you can see the Alliance here ( as well as the Individual and Alliance Ladders.
Title: Re: Project Overview
Post by: Dingo on January 28, 2012, 01:05:43 PM
This a link to an ABC presentation ( on Australia is one of two finalists bidding to host the world's largest radio telescope, the SKA.
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Post by: danhtruong on October 24, 2012, 08:43:19 AM

Hi all,

Just wondering, I know this is a BOINC team, but is anyone still running the website client of theSkyNet or have most/all transitioned to theSkyNet POGS?
Title: Re: Project Overview
Post by: Cruncher Pete on October 24, 2012, 08:51:25 AM
Hi Dan.  Although I joined the web site SkyNet at one stage, I now only run BOINC projects for the sake of uniformity and ease of management.
Title: Re: Project Overview
Post by: Dingo on October 24, 2012, 10:06:01 AM
Just running BOINC version
Title: Re: Project Overview
Post by: LawryB on October 24, 2012, 11:32:11 AM
boinc only Dan