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Shorter and longer tasks choice planned.

Started by kashi, March 04, 2011, 03:24:26 PM

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Due to the way that current RNA World applications are coded it is not possible to have checkpointing. This causes problems for many contributors with longer running tasks.

The project is planning to address the issue for those who choose not to process long running tasks or who are unable to do so due to instability or lack of memory.

From the forum I think the intention is to sort the tasks into 2 different runtime categories. All cmsearch S application tasks will be shorter than 20 hours, with most shorter than 5 hours. All cmsearch XXL application tasks will be longer than 20 hours. These runtimes based on a Nehalem class CPU running 64-bit OS.

It possibly may not be implemented before the end of the AA but in the future this should give the ability to choose between shorter and longer running tasks in your project preferences. The cmsearch S applications have already been added to the Applications page and the preferences have changed and I have updated mine to run cmsearch S application tasks but there are no cmsearch S tasks available yet so I have left cmsearch XXL selected and will continue to abort longer tasks. All currently available cmsearch tasks both short and long are classed as cmsearch XXL as the plan is not implemented yet.

This option will be excellent for those who wish to contribute to RNA World sometime in the future. When it is not an AA it will be easy to run with a smaller cache of "S" tasks and have a backup project selected for any times when "S" tasks are not available.

Edit: Looks like cmsearch S applications are now called cmsearch2. Some cmsearch2 WUs were issued today with initial replication of 4.