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DNETC returns

Started by LawryB, May 19, 2011, 05:37:09 PM

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DNETC is back and will resume sending WUs tomorrow.
Being restored from backup (4th April) so any work after that will probably be lost.

If you go to their web page there are some interesting comments regarding Moo!Wrapper.


hmmm, so what is the upshot of it all ?

(maybe I shouldn't read this kinda stuff whilst getting up for a 1 am wee and drink ...)

Is DNETC "good" , "BAD" or UGLY ?  and I thought Moo "was" a part of DNETC...


All my work was uploaded except for a few work units that were after the backup date.  They are all pending.  I think DNETC and Moo are doing the same thing trying to solve RC5-72. I believe they are run by different admins at different locations.  There are a number of projects that seem to be doing the same thing and just because DNETC and Moo both use does not mean they are doing exactly the same work.  I guess it depends on the code that each project writes to solve the problem ??  If I get my credit from the old work I have had on my PC's while they have been down that will be great   :cheer1:

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Yes the keys are assigned by the server so there is no concern that the 2 BOINC projects Moo! Wrapper and DNETC@HOME are duplicating work. The applications that perform the work come from and only the versions used and the wrapper differs between the 2 BOINC projects.

Moo! Wrapper is using the newer v2.9109.518 application which on some ATI cards has sluggish performance on the default Core 0. The Moo! Wrapper wrapper application runs at a different priority to the DNETC@HOME wrapper application which results in excessive CPU usage in some multiple GPU configurations and slowdown in GPU processing when all CPU cores are loaded with CPU projects. Moo! Wrapper uses large packet sizes of 64*2^32.

DNETC@HOME is using the earlier v2.9108.517 application which results in consistently high performance on most ATI cards at the expense of some GUI lag. The wrapper application has a different priority than Moo! Wrapper that does not cause high CPU usage on multiple card configurations, however some multiple configurations experience random task freezing. There is little to no slowdown when CPU cores are fully loaded. DNETC@HOME uses varying length tasks and packet sizes to suit different speed cards or CPUs. Even the largest packet size sent to ATI HD 5xxx cards is 32*2^32, half the size of a Moo! Wrapper packet. A larger number of smaller packets is more efficient for multiple card configurations, however prefers larger packets to reduce server load for their standalone (non-BOINC) contributors.

Both BOINC projects currently grant 8.5 credits per stats unit. Stats units are a measure of the length of the tasks.


Thanks Kashi, have some deserved karma 'cause now I DO understand.  I'm returning to DNETC to give my cards a break.  They seem/do run cooler under DNETC than MOO!


Yes, thanks Kashi, I also was wandering what was the difference compared with moo.




 Message 4291 - Posted: 21 Oct 2011 | 16:40:10 UTC
Last modified: 21 Oct 2011 | 16:43:11 UTC
Zadecydowaliśmy (OxyOne i Sesef) o zamknięciu projektu DNETC@HOME.

Zapraszam do MooWrapper@home.

Dziękujemy za współprace.

Serwer działa do wyczerpania zapasów WU.


We decided (OxyOne and Sesef) to close the project DNETC @ HOME.

Feel free to MooWrapper @ home.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The server runs while stocks WU.



Had noticed the obvious WU supply "problem", but had not seen/ translated/ read that message... Checked the server status myself just a little while ago and it seems there might be some WU's left on the servers... but I cannot work out how to get to them (ATI 5K WU's ??)

Anyway, have swapped to Primegrid since the drying up of work units at DnetC and although (I think through turning of Primegrid's "new tasks in anticipation of more DnetC work) the first days credit wasn't that crash hot, I have also switched the i7-920 with 2 x 5850's over, and gotten enough results back to do some "maths"....

at an average of around 19 minutes to complete a WU, for a payment of average 6600 credits, that  works out at approx 20,300 cr/ hr/ GPU  = 487,000 per day !!!, per GPU

x 2 5850's equals just under a million a day from that machine alone !!!!

The i7-920 with 2 x 4770's earns considerably less than the 5850's... only getting approx 1630 credits per WU, even though they dont take much longer to run !

Still that equals 4500 cr/ hr/ GPU   or  108,000 per GOU per day. Again , with  2  x  4770's  that makes it 216,000 per day on that machine.

which is a Grand (APPROX) total of 1.2 Million a day !!!! wish I had have known this a while ago !!!, but it is OK, as I was after the 200 Million mark at DnetC, which I reached... now I shall attack Primegrid with everything (GPU-wise) I have   :pcwhack:


HMMMMMmmmmmmm  --  Don't ask me HOW or where the calculations went awry, but they did... (I MUST have gotten that figure of 6600 Credits per WU from SOMEwhere.....)

I have been sitting here scratching my head as to why I have only been getting 230K - 240K a day as opposed to those fantabulous numbers above..... so I just redid the numbers and came up with the figures which I am receiving daily..

Well, it WAS nice to dream for a little while   :crazy