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GPU Select Help

Started by JugNut, December 16, 2012, 11:25:08 PM

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Reverted to WIN 7 64bit and all is crunching very well indeed.  Same with WIN 8 32bit.

Just loaded WCG HCC1 onto my WIN 8  64 bit machine.   Same problems as the other machine yesterday.  Video Driver keeps stopping and restarting.

So is anyone running Win 8 64bit with WCG HCC1 GPU WUs?  Having problems? Which ATI driver are you using?   Please!

@JugNut.   If you think you are victim of a conspiracy -  The above is a conspiracy perpertrated by Aliens!!   Maybe I should chill as we are all supposed to perish tomorrow or Saturday.

AAAARGH!!!  :sg1:


That's to bad Lawry, I thought windows 8 was giving you a good run?  Can't help there though.(no win8)

Mmm Aliens hey?  Works for me...

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@JN.   It IS the ATI drivers + Win 8 + WCG GPU WUs.   They are the only ones that have problems, all the others are fine.    Two entirely different PCs with the same results sort of prove (IMHO) THAT boinc and AMD haven't kept up.


I think I found the answer to JN's original problem in the first post - see,34749
Looks like the BOINC documentation was wrong and the ati/nvidia type string must be in upper case.

Anyway I just tried the following cc_config  and so far it has not downloaded any more NVIDIA WUs:


BOINC Event Log says:

21/02/2013 7:10:39 PM | World Community Grid | Config: excluded GPU.  Type: NVIDIA.  App: all.  Device: all

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Thanks Dyeman, that might be just what the doctor ordered.   I'll give it a crack a bit later when I get a chance and let you know what happened..

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Sorry it took me so long to get back Dyeman,  some real life drama's that couldn't be avoided.
So far with a quick trial it seems to working  & only asking for ATI tasks.  :cheers:
I'll give it a full trail when I switch over to WCG full time in a day or two for the AA

Thanks for the help mate + Karma for your effort

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The following is copied over from anotgher thread and is by Kashi.
Multiple GPU tasks for World Community Grid Help Conquer Cancer

Update BOINC version to at least 7.0.42.
Adjust World Community Grid Device Profile to allow GPU work.
Download at least one GPU task.

Copy and paste the following into Notepad:


File>Save As..
Save as type: All Files (*.*)

Place completed app_config.xml file in \ folder

Folder path in Windows 7 is C:\ProgramData\BOINC\projects\

Stop and exit BOINC and then restart it to initialise the app_config.xml file.

This app_config.xml file will run 4 concurrent Help Conquer Cancer GPU tasks using 1 CPU core per GPU task.

If you have a faster or more recent architecture GPU than my HD 5870 you may wish to run 8 or more GPU tasks concurrently. To do this, open the app_config.xml file in Notepad and edit the <gpu_usage> value and then save the change. It works in fractions, so:

<gpu_usage>.5</gpu_usage> runs 2 concurrent GPU tasks
<gpu_usage>.33</gpu_usage> runs 3 concurrent GPU tasks
<gpu_usage>.25</gpu_usage> runs 4 concurrent GPU tasks
<gpu_usage>.2</gpu_usage> runs 5 concurrent GPU tasks
<gpu_usage>.167</gpu_usage> runs 6 concurrent GPU tasks
<gpu_usage>.143</gpu_usage> runs 7 concurrent GPU tasks
<gpu_usage>.125</gpu_usage> runs 8 concurrent GPU tasks
und so weiter

If you want to run more concurrent tasks than the number of CPU cores you have or you wish to leave some CPU resources free for a CPU project you can adjust the amount of CPU resources allocated for each  GPU task by adjusting the <cpu_usage> value. For example:


would run 8 concurrent GPU tasks using half a CPU core each. This would use 4 CPU cores in total so all CPU resources of a quad core computer or half of the CPU resources of an 8 core computer.

The Help Conquer Cancer GPU application uses a great deal of CPU resources, so the more CPU you allocate to support GPU processing the more efficient the GPU application is. How you decide to set these variables is up to you depending on your hardware potential and how you wish to contribute to WCG. A bit of trial and error may be necessary to find the best values to suit your individual preferences. Make sure to monitor the GPU temp to ensure your card does not overheat especially on hot days and/or if you have a closed case. Some cards notably NVIDIA are unable to run WCG GPU tasks without suffering excessive screen lag. If this is the case you can adjust BOINC Manager preferences and untick "Use GPU while computer is in use" which will stop GPU processing while you are using the computer.

Remember to join BOINC@AUSTRALIA team because 

If you have trouble following this a comprehensive guide at tech Power Up! forums Guide to running multiple GPU work units includes a link to m&m's Auto-setup utility for app_config.xml.

If you do not have a usable GPU or prefer to concentrate on WCG CPU applications it's all good, the other WCG projects are all worthy and cannot be done on GPU so are equally valuable, they just complete a bit slower.

I am doing some other CPU projects until the AA33 start date but for those who are starting early good luck and good crunching.

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