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Started by danhtruong, July 29, 2011, 09:16:51 AM

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Hello Aussie boincers,

I think this will be a noob question, but just wondering:
I currently have 3 projects attached. WCG for the CPU and Collatz and SETI on the GPU.

For the past month, i've been receiving work units for WCG and Collatz no problem everyday, but for SETI i've only received a grand total of 5 work units (with a resource share of 100 for each of the three projects [33%]).
I also looked at the BOINC projects and there seems to be 0 work units to send, which perhaps answers my question, but there's about 100 flying past me everyday.

What's going on with SETI?  are work units available or not? seems odd..    Bashhead


SETI does a big backup and usually is down all day Tuesday their time and sometimes for many days.  What do you have your "Computer is connected to the Internet about every ? days" set to in either your project Computing Preferences or your Boinc Manager Computing Preferences.  The Boinc Manager preferences overrule the preferences at the project. If this is set to a small amount of time I have had problems in the past as some projects have widely different return dates. I have mine set to 2 days so I should get enough work to run my PC for two days.  I usually run more than one project and it all seems to work out most of the time.

You also may need to look at the SETI@home preferences and see what applications you have checked. Hope this helps I am sure if I am wrong about anything I will be corrected.

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