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Project Overview

Started by Dingo, June 06, 2014, 10:00:48 AM

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Project Summary

PrimeGrid uses PRPNet to test and prepare new projects. It is also used as a way to offer more varied prime searches that normally will not make it to BOINC.

PRPNet, developed by Mark Rodenkirch, is very similar to BOINC but is used specifically for prime finding. There is no GUI. Instead, it runs in a DOS window or Linux/Mac terminal. It's very simple to run... just download and unzip the file for your OS, edit a few lines in the master_prpclient.ini file, and run. You'll be crunching in less than 5 minutes. :)

Credits and BOINC

PRPNet credits are manually assigned to BOINC:

- Credits for all PRPNet projects are combined into PrimeGrid PSA subproject (BOINC) credit.
- But stats for the separate PRP projects can be found on tests done, primes found, credits earned.
20 PRPNet credits to 1 BOINC credit for most projects. wwww projects are 10:1 PRPNet to BOINC.
PRPNet credit is all converted into "PSA" BOINC credit on a periodic basis manually by the Primegrid admins.

Connecting to PRPNet

1. The application can be downloaded from  Pick the application that suits your PC.
2.  Run the "#-install-prpclient.bat" ("" for Linux, "#-install-prpclient.command" for Mac) file to build the required folders.

1-single install
2-dual install
4-quad install
6-hex install
8-oct install
12-dodeca install
16-hexa install

Have a look at this post on filling out the ini fil

For PrimGrid's latest PRPNet projects, please visit thethis thread

3. Open the master_prpclient.ini and modify the following settings:  ( It is in a folder that has the same name as the application you downloaded.  In my vase that was C:\Users\User\Downloads\Primegrid PRP\prpclient-5.3.1-windows)

email= This is a REQUIRED field. Enter your email address. E-mail will be sent to this address when a number is found to be PRP. If you wish for your prime to be included in PrimeGrid's Primes Database, please use the same address that you registered with when connecting to PrimeGrid.
userid= This is a REQUIRED field. Enter your PrimeGrid username here. It will be used by the server to report on stats, etc. and to grant credit. NOTE: If your PrimeGrid userid has a space in it, please use the underscore character _ to replace it. For example: "Prime Time" would become "Prime_Time".
machineid= This identifies a specific machine running PRPnet. DO NOT USE spaces. Instead use underscore _.   (This can be anything to identify this PC)
instanceid= This identifies a specific instance on the machine. It will be automatically set by the update-prpclient-ini script to match the directory number.
teamid= This assigns your host to a specific team. DO NOT USE spaces. Instead use underscore _.
server= This points to PrimeGrid's PRPNet server from which the client will get work. It is already prepared with default values. Please make adjustments to your preference.

**  the server name that you choose is the name of the application you want to run.   So as an example the "Generalized Fermat Number Prime Search N=262144)" server is
**  Also look down in the file and you will see that there are placed to change over to a 64 bit application if you have a 64 bit PC.  Just comment out the 32 bit application (//) and uncomment the 64 bit application.

4. Save the master_prpclient.ini file

****  The application must not be running or the changes will not take so if you change the ini file after you have started crunching you will need to stop the PRPNet software before doing the next step.)
5. Run the "#-update-prpclient-ini.bat" ("" for "Linux, #-update-prpclient-ini.command for Mac") file to update the prpclient.ini files in all the folders.  
6. Run the "#-start-prpclient.bat" ("" for Linux, "#-start-prpclient.command for Mac") to start all the clients (the windows will be minimized). The clients will start, communicate with the server, and download WU's based on your server settings in the master_prpclient.ini file.

The client will automatically select which "primality testing program" (LLR, Phrot, or PFGW) to use on the downloaded WU's. It will continue until interrupted.

To stop client(s), run the "" (.command for Mac) file. This will close out all processes. In WINDOWS, you must ctrl-c in all the DOS windows. The client(s) will shut down based on your stopoption= setting.

Congratulations!!! You are now part of PrimeGrid's PRPNet community.

PrimeGrid Forum for PRPNet

The Projects forum is located here



All Projects individually  

Individual Stats just change the user name in this url.

Projects by User

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