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Project News - MilkyWay@Home

Started by Cruncher Pete, March 26, 2009, 08:12:29 AM

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From the MilkyWay@Home news feed:

Project News: CUDA Application Released

Wednesday, 26 August 2009 10:00 AM

The CUDA application has been released on BOINC, please see this thread for more information.  The Milkyway@Home team appreciates your patience in reaching this milestone.  This code has been implemented and tested on the GeForce GTX 285 donated by NVIDIA to the Milkyway@Home research team.


Please take note of the hardware and driver requirements of the CUDA application!

From the MilkyWay@Home boards:

The CUDA application for 32 bit Windows has been deployed on BOINC. In terms of hardware a NVIDIA GPU supporting Compute Capability 1.3 is required. The following GPUs: GeForce GTX 295, 285, 280, 260, Tesla S1070, C1060, Quadro Plex 2200 D2, Quadro FX 5800, 4800 are known to have CUDA 1.3 support. The GPUs also need to have 256 MB of Video RAM and NVIDIA Driver 190.xx or higher needs to be installed. If these prerequisites are not met the CUDA application will not be downloaded through BOINC.


The requirements are horrible.  :faint: Few, I think, will run them under these conditions. I am going to wait and see how it sorts out before running any.  ???


GTX 275 should support Compute Capability 1.3, although it is not listed in the nVidia documentation for some reason. CUDA-Z would probably show a GTX 275 has Compute Capability 1.3.


Quote from: kashi on August 27, 2009, 11:08:11 AM
GTX 275 should support Compute Capability 1.3, although it is not listed in the nVidia documentation for some reason. CUDA-Z would probably show a GTX 275 has Compute Capability 1.3.
I'm sure you are correct as the 260 meets them. From the subsequent posts in their thread, it looks like another app that "eats" your machine. I hope we are not entering an era where you have to give the app the entire machine to run it.  :cry2:  Ok for farms but very unfriendly to the casual cruncher who wants to run several sciences.  :thumbdown: But as I said, I'll just see how is sorts over the next few days.


You regular Milkywayers would know, but their server is currently down for maintenance and not issuing work.  Just thought I should mention it leading into the long weekend (for those who get it  biggrin)


FYI: Milkyway is now the most active BOINC project followed by Collatz, SETI, WCG, Einstein & GPUGrid. I never thought I'd see the day SETI and WCG would be knocked out of 1st & 2nd respectively.


It's got to be the credit rate.... at just under 4 minutes for 314 credits (4840 cr/ hr - 116K + a day !) why WOULDN'T anyone crunch there ?!?!

I have a problem though... I get work easily for my two ATI cards, yet my GTX 275 keeps getting the "no work sent" message..... is there an optimised app for cuda cards ?


MW is down due to "Snowmageddon". They have a blizzard going on. I switched to GPUGrid.


Seems to be back again - some sort of hardware issue rather than the snow.

Folding Stats


From Milkyway news:

Server outage

I'm taking the server down tonight (and probably most of the tomorrow). I've made some big changes in the assimilator and validator which should help me implement new features and debug them in the future (mainly I rewrote them in Java so I don't have to worry about memory leaks or segmentation faults). I'll be debugging them over the next couple days so expect some outages. Most notably, validation will be much stricter now; considering even though I've asked nicely we still see a lot of people trying to scam the system (scripts and single precision GPU clients for example). It's kind of sad that a few bad users have to ruin things for everyone (and make our work that much more difficult), but I guess thats the way things have to be. On another note, we've had two papers accepted recently, one to the Distributed Applications and Interoperable Systems (DAIS 2010) conference (, and another to the World Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC 2010) I'll be making these available after the validator/assimilator upgrades.

2 Apr 2010 2:36:58 UTC

Folding Stats


And in light of those adjustments, I am now getting wus sitting in pending and also being invalidated...... fur some unknown reason.

The exception that proves the rule?: :pcwhack: Love it when I am invalidated for wus with too many successful results LMAO


Might take them a while to fix this, if you don't wish to have perhaps half your completed work marked invalid then it may be time to give Collatz a go. Or DNETC if it works alright for you.

I don't know how this happened, I would have thought they would have been checking at least a small sample of the returned results against their computers at Rensselaer Polytechnic. I could understand them not catching the relatively small number that had been done by a rogue NVIDIA single precision app but missing the massive number being returned by 58xx and 5970 cards seems surprising.


Yep, as I predicted above it's 58xx and 5970 that are the fly in the ointment. This red wine is great stuff, it must make you psychic.  :rofl:



I still reckon it's the other cards what is wrong cause ATI fixed a little bug in latest cards WEG

Anyways, am now having a run at DNETC...... 4800+ crs for 24-25 mins work ain't nowt to sneeze at.